ENERGY TRANSITION: Ford unveils $11.4bln spend on US electric vehicle, battery sites

Automotive manufacturer Ford Motor Co plans to spend $11.4 billion on new production sites in the United States for electric vehicles (EVs) and their batteries as part of its push to bring zero-emission auto production to the country.

One site will be in Stanton, Tennessee, where the company will build electric versions of its F-Series pickup truck as well as advanced batteries. To be known as Blue Oval City, the project will create 6,000 jobs, include a carbon neutral assembly plan and incorporate the supply chain through to recycling.

Ford recently signed a joint venture with Nevada-based Redwood Materials to create a closed loop for recycling lithium-ion batteries from EVs and a domestic supply chain for critical battery materials,...


Andrea Hotter

September 28, 2021

17:47 GMT

New York