Secondary aluminium prices reach all-time highs on surging silicon market

Production halts in China, the world's largest producer of silicon and magnesium, saw prices for the chemical elements surge in the week to Wednesday September 29, with ripples felt across the aluminium industry, where elements such as silicon can comprise up to 13% of alloy production.

Power supply problems in many of China's key industrial and manufacturing hubs have intensified while the nation attempts to meet strict carbon reduction regulations, and energy prices continued to hit multi-year highs.
China's Yunnan province is currently facing operational restrictions following a notice issued by the Yunnan provincial development and reform commission on September 11.
The notice dictates that the average monthly industrial silicon output from silicon refineries in the province should not exceed 10% of their August production between September and the end of the year while the nation strives toward an ambitious set of climate regulations.
Tightening supply sees surging costs for silicon
Accounting for over 68% of the world's silicon production, restrictions in China have severely tightened supply for the much sought-after chemical element.

"There is absolutely nothing anywhere; big buyers who use thousands and thousands of tonnes per year are only being offered less than 100...


Imogen Dudman

September 30, 2021

10:24 GMT