Toyota’s Japan sales, production decline by 19.4%, 39.3% in August; company faces supply chain disruptions

Japan’s August production and sales of Toyota’s new vehicles, including those of its subsidiaries Daihatsu and Hino Motors, fell on a monthly basis amid the severe shortage of semiconductor chips and raw materials, which have disrupted supply chains this year.

Toyota’s Japan August production of new vehicles fell by 39.3% and 11.4% on a monthly and yearly basis respectively, to 244,342 vehicles. Toyota’s worldwide production of cars in August marked a comparatively smaller decline; by 29.5% to 632,489 vehicles.
Sales of Toyota’s new vehicles in Japan last month fell by 19.4% on a monthly basis to 156,782 vehicles - the lowest level in three months. However, sales rose by 3.6% year on year to 151,371 vehicles.

Toyota had earlier anticipated that automotive production would shrink in August and September due to the ongoing supply chain disruptions and shortages in raw materials that continue to...


Liz Ng

September 29, 2021

14:45 GMT