ENERGY TRANSITION: ESG investors should focus on battery electric vehicles, Jefferies says

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors should be reducing exposure to plug-in hybrid- and fuel cell-weighted automotive supply chains and focusing instead on battery electric vehicles (BEV), according to a report by Jefferies.

Ford's recent announcement of record-setting investment in electric vehicles (EVs) gives a clear signal to the market: BEVs are the future, with hybrids and fuel cells to be confined to niche markets, Jefferies said on Thursday September 30.
“Ford is interested in accelerating to BEV rather than transitioning through hybrids or exploring alternative technologies, such as fuel cells, with the exclusive focus on BEV now matching General Motors (GM),” the report said.
“Instead, Ford hopes to have 40-50% of its global vehicles' volume fully electric by 2030,” it noted.

Ford has announced plans to spend $11.4 billion on new production sites in the United States for EVs and their batteries...


Andrea Hotter

September 30, 2021

19:30 GMT

New York