‘Buyer’s strike’ greets steel hollow sections price increase in US

Domestic price increases announced by producers for hollow structural sections (HSS) in the United States are receiving some serious pushback from customers.

“This is certainly not justified,” a distributor source said. “I like prices to go up, but this is just dumb. It’s time for a buyer’s strike for a week or so. I’m not buying from any mills for a week. I can wait and I think most buyers can wait at this time.” The reaction came after Atlas Tube announced a $75 per short ton ($3.75 per hundredweight) minimum increase to its hollow section and mechanical tube products on Tuesday September 28. ExlTube, Hanna Steel and Welded Tube of Canada quickly followed suit with letters...


Mark Burgess

October 01, 2021

18:15 GMT

Knoxville, Tennessee