STEEL SCRAP WRAP: Global prices surge on improving billet, rebar demand

Global ferrous scrap prices increased in the week ended October 8 in response to improving downstream demand for billet and rebar.

  • Turkish mills pay higher prices on improving downstream demand
  • United States sells a bulk cargo to Turkey at a $5-per-tonne increase
  • Vietnamese buyers opt for bulk HMS 1&2 (80:20) cargoes from US, Australia
  • Taiwanese buyers continue to purchase containerized cargoes
  • Indian prices rise sharply

Turkish steelmakers booked a flurry of cargoes in the week from Europe, the Baltic Sea and the United...


Cem Turken

Paul Lim

Carrie Bone

Tianran Zhao

October 08, 2021

16:59 GMT

London, Mugla, Shanghai, Singapore