INTERVIEW: ‘I wake up every day to keep our company competitive’ - Vareha-Walsh

As the director of sales, global supply chain, and trade compliance at Indium Corp, as well as chair of the Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA), Donna Vareha-Walsh has a global view of markets for minor metals. She outlined big plans for the MMTA and described her path to success with Fastmarkets' Cristina Belda.

Knowing when to take a risk can be key to making progress in life. Donna Vareha-Walsh, from the US steel town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, knows that well. She found her passion for the metal industry almost by chance when working as a business consultant in 2001 with Jefferson Wells International, shortly after spending nearly three years as an international tax consultant for Ernst and Young.

“Back then, I was working with clients that were dealing with international businesses, helping them understand and reduce their overall total landed costs and supply chain and I worked with one particular customer that was dealing with challenges created by the ‘’ crash and the move of manufacturing to Asia,’’ she said.
“They had global operations and we needed to develop a strategy for them, given the challenges that low-cost Asian plants and raw materials presented,” she explained.

The customer for that project was...


Cristina Belda

October 12, 2021

11:00 GMT