Mexico, Canada, help send US Si price to new high; $5 per lb in sight

Silicon sales upward of $5 per lb reported in Mexico and Canada indicate continued upward pressure on prices of the aluminium alloying metal in the United States, which reached another all-time high on Thursday October 14.

Fastmarkets assessed the price of silicon, ddp US at $3.35-4.25 per lb on October 14, up by 18.75% from $2.90-3.50 per lb on October 7.
This was the fourth week in a row that US silicon has reached a new high in Fastmarkets’ assessment - which dates to 1997 - even as the price in Europe has flattened and in China has declined.
Europe remained the region with the most expensive silicon in Fastmarkets’ assessments on Friday October 15.
Chinese prices fell the prior week for the first time since July after a stratospheric rise that included weekly gains of 65%.

On September 24, silicon prices hit what were then worldwide peaks, stemming from falling production in China. The world’s biggest silicon supplier faces a power...


Orla O'Sullivan

October 18, 2021

17:57 GMT

New York