GLOBAL TIN WRAP: Premiums diverge as LME prices peak

Waning demand registers in Europe, but not yet on US premiums in the two weeks to Tuesday October 19, a day of record high London Metal Exchange tin prices.

  • US sales conclude higher in continued short supply, gaining by up to 8.6%.
  • Europe’s 99.9% ingot premium continues to drift lower, down by 3.6%.
  • Taiwan’s tin premium flat for the fifth week.
US premiums rise even as demand declines
Tin premiums rose in the United States for the first time since August 24, gaining by up to 8.6% in the past two weeks.
But market participants - whose views had been unanimous - are now quite divided on whether US premiums are trending up or down.
Deals were concluded high in the new range, but some buyers saw a downtrend due to falling end demand, especially for solder.

Yet, global supply remains tight and tin prices hit their highest ever levels on the London Metal Exchange as the assessment period ended. Both tin futures and the cash price - more reflective of immediate supply - peaked...


Orla O'Sullivan

Ana de Liz

Yiwen Ju

October 20, 2021

03:54 GMT

London, New York, Shanghai