PRICING NOTICE: Amendment to name for Japan export Shindachi steel scrap price

Fastmarkets has modified the name of one of its Japan steel scrap export prices to clarify the exact grade being assessed in the market.

In Japan, prime scrap is referred to as Shindachi, which comprises Shindachi Bara, an unpressed new production busheling scrap that is the most commonly traded prime scrap in the Japan’s export market, and Shindachi press bundle, which is more commonly traded in the country’s domestic market and usually commands a higher price.
Since Fastmarkets’ price assessment for steel scrap Shindachi export, fob main port Japan began in February 2020, Fastmarkets has only assessed export prices for Shindachi Bara. Shindachi press bundle is rarely heard traded in the spot export market.
As a result, to be more precise with naming conventions, Fastmarkets has changed the name of its Shindachi export price as follows:
MB-STE-0876 Steel scrap Shindachi bara export, fob main port Japan, ¥ per tonne
(Formerly: MB-STE-0876 Steel scrap Shindachi export, fob main port Japan, ¥ per tonne)
There are no changes to the specifications of the assessment.
To provide feedback on this price, or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to this assessment, please contact Lee Allen by email at Please add the subject heading “FAO: Lee Allen, re: fob Japan HS scrap price.”
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Lee Allen


Lee Allen

October 21, 2021

11:32 GMT