ENERGY TRANSITION: UK to set up critical minerals committee, update list

The government of the United Kingdom plans to set up an expert committee on critical minerals to provide independent advice on the scope and content of a critical minerals strategy to meet the country’s net-zero carbon emissions targets, it said.

In a move designed to guide investment decisions, the government also plans to update the country’s critical minerals list, which details materials that are deemed essential for the nation’s economy and national security but that face supply risks, it noted.
The government also intends to establish a critical minerals intelligence center to provide analysis on stocks and flows to guide its decisionmaking, it added.
“We will support the engagement of the UK’s mining sector in new and existing markets, facilitating investment and collaboration in extraction and processing opportunities,” the government said.

“We will also champion free and open global trade, including through free trade agreements, to support this ambition and will explore...


Andrea Hotter

October 21, 2021

17:36 GMT

New York