BIR 2021: India to have its own scrap definitions, key to energy transition

India is looking to set its own standards for copper and aluminium scrap to ensure better environmental compliance of secondary industries and improve the quality of finished products, Dhawal Shah, Bureau of International Recycling's (BIR) board chairman, said.

“There are two choices for the people in power. The first one is to believe in the good work of our industry and allow ramping up of secondary production to help the economy and environment. For that, they need to have sit down, and work out a suitable, conducive regulatory framework, which allows this transition. Or create laws which are impossible to comply – and choke the recycling industry,” Shah said at BIR's 2021 convention on Sunday October 24.

When asked if the Indian non-ferrous scrap reclassification will be similar to China’s, Shah said...


Julian Luk

October 26, 2021

08:05 GMT