Japan aluminium imports rise 25% in Aug vs prior month, but consumption falls 14%

Japanese imports of aluminium rose by 24.9% in August from the prior month, according to data released by the Japan Aluminium Association.

Japan imported 250,700 tonnes of aluminium in August, an increase of 50,000 tonnes from July and 104,000 tonnes more than that in August 2020. July’s volume of 200,700 tonnes marked a nine-month low.
Imports include unwrought and wrought aluminium and aluminium waste and scrap.
According to the United States International Trade Commission, unwrought aluminium products include units in the form of “ingots, blocks, billets and slabs and are not machined or processed otherwise by basic trimming, scalping or descaling”.


Liz Ng

November 01, 2021

08:24 GMT