Tight supply supports bullish sentiment in manganese flake but fresh lower shipment offers show mixed signals: Focus

The price of manganese flake has reached all-time highs in China and Europe, with most producers remaining bullish on the medium-and long-term outlook due to supply tightness. However, risk aversion continues in Europe; some cheaper offers are casting doubts about the immediate price direction of the metal, Fastmarkets heard.

The manganese flake price has been on the rise in China since May, peaking at an all-time high at $7,000-7,150 per tonne on Friday October 29 due to supply concerns and production cuts among major production hubs to help meet environmental targets.
Fastmarkets’ price assessment for 99.7% electrolytic manganese flake basis, fob, China rose to $7,000-7,150 per tonne on October 29, up by 0.14% from $6,980-7,150 per tonne on October 22. The price was up by 187.3% from $2,450-2,520 per tonne on May 7.
Due to the dual control tasks and tight environmental protection supervision in China, the total production capability of manganese flake has decreased and is under limits, sources told Fastmarkets.

“Spot availability has been tight for some time and as I know, the overall manganese flake production in 2021 was approximately 1.2 million tonnes, down by...


Cristina Belda

Jessica Long

November 04, 2021

15:31 GMT

London, Shanghai