Alcoa announces scrap purifying technology in 'roadmap' to sustainable production

US-based aluminium producer Alcoa announced on Tuesday November 9 its adoption of a three-stage “technology roadmap” intended to assist in the decarbonization of upstream aluminium supply and to help achieve the target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The roadmap has three key elements. These are the decarbonization of the alumina refining process, new processes to enhance the use of post-consumer scrap, and the use of Elysis technology that eliminates greenhouse gases from the smelting process.
Elysis is a joint-venture project led by Alcoa and Rio Tinto, with additional investment from the governments of Canada and Quebec.
“Our technology roadmap represents an array of next-generation solutions that could significantly reduce emissions across the upstream value chain and concurrently generate significant stockholder value,” Roy Harvey, president and chief executive officer at Alcoa, said.

“Our ‘Refinery of the Future’ design and the Elysis zero-carbon smelting technology not only aim to reduce costs and improve efficiency in aluminium production, but target...


Alice Mason

Imogen Dudman

November 09, 2021

13:32 GMT