Tight supply to keep supporting aluminium prices, premiums - CBA

The recent downward correction in aluminium prices and premiums was expected after a strong uptrend in 2021, but tighter supply from China is set to continue supporting high prices, Brazilian aluminium producer Companhia Brasileira do Alumínio (CBA) said on Tuesday November 9.

Chinese aluminium output cuts, meant to reduce carbon emissions, deepened a global supply deficit in the third quarter. Estimates in the market are for demand to keep outgrowing production, CBA’s chief financial officer Luciano Alves said in a press conference to discuss third-quarter earnings.
“That scenario is still valid and should not have moved prices,” Alves said. “But the coal price downswing pressured aluminium prices as well, since a huge part of the global industry is powered via thermoelectric plants. CBA itself has nothing to do with it.”
The Brazilian company uses mostly hydro power in its aluminium production and has recently acquired wind farms to diversify its power generation, while still focusing on renewables.
“Now, with broad expectations that China will continue to limit aluminium capacity expansions, we should see support for prices,” the CFO added.

“In fact, a price drop...


Renato Rostás

November 09, 2021

14:58 GMT

São Paulo