Securing reliable supply of FeV the main driver for buyers, IFA 2021 hears

Ferro-vanadium consumers are securing big volumes of material on long-term contracts and accepting higher prices than last year to avoid disruption to supplies, market participants said on the sidelines of Fastmarkets' International Ferro-alloys Conference in Prague this week.

“Last year, it was all about securing a good price. Now, it is all about securing deliveries - even at the sacrifice of a higher price,” a trader told Fastmarkets in an informal meeting at this week's conference.
A supplier said that frame contracts for ferro-vanadium have been agreed with discounts against third-party references of around 3-5% in Europe and 5% for the United States - where there is a premium over the European market. Last year, the supplier sold material at a discount of about 7% in Europe and 9% in the US.
Other buyers who spoke to Fastmarkets said they were negotiating contracts with a discount of about 4-6%, or slightly higher, depending on quality and packaging.

While some discounts - largely set...


Cristina Belda

November 16, 2021

18:58 GMT