EU releases proposals to restrict metal scrap exports

The European Commission (EC) has proposed a revamp of the EU waste shipment rules under which the export of its metal scrap to nations not belonging to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) group would face significant restrictions, it said on Wednesday November 17.

Wednesday’s proposed shake-up will need to pass through the EU’s lawmaking process, including both the European Council and European Parliament, before coming into force. New measures agreed on the export of waste will apply three years after new regulation becomes law, the EC said.
The EC - the EU’s executive branch - has been mulling a partial ban or restriction to its metal scrap “waste” exports since the first quarter of 2020 amid a desire to both reduce the export of such materials to third countries and increase recycling within the EU - a key pillar of its circular economy initiative.
What is waste?
One contentious point among recyclers across Europe on this matter has been the EC’s decision to continue classifying processed metal scrap as “waste.”

This means that such scrap is being treated in the regulation as being on par with unprocessed materials such as plastic bottle...


Lee Allen

November 17, 2021

16:35 GMT