European Commission must do more to secure strategic raw materials, IFA panelists say

The European Commission should start taking steps beyond the Critical Raw Materials list to guarantee its supply of metals such as silicon and magnesium, panelists said last week at the International Ferro-Alloys conference in Prague.

In 2020, the European Commission published its revised list of 30 Critical Raw Materials - which includes commodities such as lithium, cobalt and silicon - that are economically and strategically important for the European economy but have a high risk associated with their supply.
“Silicon is one of the materials on this list,” Arnoud Willems, international trade and customs lawyer, said.
“But the problem with the raw material list is that there is no [movement beyond] this. So [silicon] is on the list, so you would expect a policy to increase production, to stimulate production or to get more silicon into Europe. And that is the step that the EU has [yet] to make,” he added.

A more comprehensive approach was especially important for energy-intensive metals that are dependent on China, delegates heard. This was particularly obvious after the severe silicon and magnesium scarcities in the third quarter of this year, when...


Cristina Belda

November 23, 2021

19:30 GMT