Price dips tempt buyers back to steel scrap export markets

Importers of ferrous scrap were lured back to market in the week ended Friday November 19 by lower prices, which were precipitated by a period of lackluster buying activity.

• Turkish mills’ import prices rebounded by the week’s end after deals at lower prices
• US sales halted with exporters reluctant to reduce their selling prices
• Vietnamese buyers were actively seeking more material after one bulk purchase
• Chinese steelmakers lowered their buying prices amid negligible demand
• Taiwanese buyers returned to market in hopes of securing scrap at lower prices
• Indian and Pakistani prices slumped, with demand weak.

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Cem Turken

Lee Allen

Paul Lim

Carrie Bone

Amy Hinton

Tianran Zhao

November 19, 2021

18:27 GMT

London, Mugla, Singapore, Shanghai