Lack of demand weighs on Europe, India manganese alloys prices

A lack of demand for prompt delivery is weighing on manganese alloys prices in Europe and India, which looks set to drag prices down further in the near term if buying interest does not recover, sources told Fastmarkets on Monday November 22.

On Friday, manganese alloys markets in Europe dropped for the second time this year amid negligible buying interest. And the weaker manganese metal and manganese ore markets point to further falls in alloys prices in the near term - especially if steel mills do not increase demand, sources said.
Silico-manganese is used to make long steel for the construction sector, such as rebar and wire mesh; ferro-manganese is used as a deoxidizer in steel production and in finished products for vehicle manufacture and stainless steel; and steel mills tend to use ferro-silicon and ferro-manganese together when making the flat steel typically used in automobile production.

“European steel mills are in no rush to buy manganese alloys and appear to be satisfied with their stock levels - even into the early weeks of next...


Declan Conway

November 22, 2021

12:59 GMT