China decarbonization plan to start with higher iron ore pellet consumption, less coke usage, MPI says

China’s steel industry will further reduce its carbon emissions in 2022 by changing raw materials and updating its decarbonization technology, according to Xinchuang Li, chairman and chief engineer of the China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (MPI).

Speaking at the 10th China Steel Raw Materials Forum. held on November 12 in Beijing, Li said that, in the short term, steel mills could reduce their carbon-dioxide emissions by changing the raw materials used in their blast furnaces, such as raising the consumption of iron ore pellet and lowering coke usage.

He said that dust emissions from pelletizing were about 14.29% of the total produced during sintering processes, while sulfur dioxide emissions were 33.33% and nitrogen oxide emissions just 20% of those produced...


Jessica Zong

November 23, 2021

13:54 GMT