Brazilian flat steel sales down 21.1% in October - Inda

Flat-rolled steel sales by Brazilian distributors fell by 21.07% in October compared with the same month in 2020, but were higher than expected month on month, the National Institute of Steel Distributors (Inda) said on Tuesday November 23.

Steel distributors sold 293,400 tonnes of flat-rolled products in October, down from 371,700 tonnes a year before, according to Inda. Volumes, however, increased by 0.65% compared to 291,500 tonnes in September this year, beating the institute’s own estimate of a 5% sequential decline.

Purchases totaled 286,300 tonnes during the month, a 17.37% year-on-year drop from 346,500 tonnes. Purchases grew by 3.51% from 276,600 tonnes in September, however, which also surpassed Inda's expectation of a 5% decrease.


Renato Rostás

November 23, 2021

17:28 GMT

São Paulo