Base metals prices mixed but mainly stronger on recent positive data

Most base metals on the London Metal Exchange were extending their rebounds on the morning of Thursday November 25, with the main driver appearing to be the robust economic data that has been released so far this week.

• US Dollar Index remains elevated, as do US treasury yields • Markets off to a quiet on Thursday morning with the US closed for the Thanksgiving Day holiday Base metals Most of the three-month base metals prices on the LME were higher on Thursday morning, apart from tin, which was down by 0.1% at $39,850 per tonne. The rest were up by an average of 0.4%. Copper was up by 0.4% at $9,886.50 per tonne. The most-traded base metals contracts on the Shanghai Futures Exchange were also - for the most part - stronger, the exception being the January lead contract, which was down by 0.1%. The other contracts were...


William Adams

November 25, 2021

08:03 GMT