Brazil's Usiminas readies No2 BF at Ipatinga for April 2022 restart

Brazilian steelmaker Usiminas is preparing the No2 blast furnace (BF) at its Ipatinga mill, idled in September, to resume production at the beginning of April 2022, chief financial officer Alberto Ono said on Friday November 26.

The furnace has capacity to make 660,000 tonnes per year of crude steel, and had been stopped previously for almost 14 months until June 2021, due to restrictions in the country to combat Covid-19. In September, an accident with one of its cones led the company to halt it once more.
Usiminas was also preparing the No3 BF at Ipatinga, in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, for a revamp in 2023, Ono added in a presentation to analysts and investors. That project has an investment estimated at 2.09 billion Reais ($374 million).

“The No3 BF will remain idle for 110 days, and we expect to halt it at the beginning of the second quarter...


Renato Rostás

November 26, 2021

15:33 GMT

São Paulo