How Baowu's latest anti-smog formula can lead steel decarbonization reform in China

China's largest steelmaker, Baowu Steel Group, has floated a raft of proposals in its fight against pollution, with chairman Chen Derong sketching out five concrete steps for the steelmaker to reduce its carbon footprint in a document seen by Fastmarkets.

Baowu is largely regarded as a national role model for the Chinese steelmaking industry, with other smaller mills in the country expected to follow its lead in combating pollution, especially with president Xi Jinping aiming for China to see peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2050.
The leading steelmaker vowed to reduce carbon emissions by 30% starting in 2020, to 1.3 tonnes (the average carbon intensity of steel produced) by 2035, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
Hydrogen-enriched carbon recycling
Baowu remains upbeat about the blast furnace-based steel production route, especially if large blast furnaces are able to achieve carbon emission reductions and carbon neutrality.

The hydrogen-enriched carbon recycling blast furnace technology that Baowu has been developing in its Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Plant in recent years is expected to reduce carbon...


Paul Lim

Tianran Zhao

Zihuan Pan

November 29, 2021

11:39 GMT

Shanghai, Singapore