Tin premiums stable worldwide amid year-end lull

A year-end drop in demand kept tin premiums around the world at prevailing levels in the two weeks to Tuesday November 30.

• Short workweek, slight increase in metal availability in United States.
• Taiwanese market muted with most metal promised under yearly contracts.
• Low demand dulls effects of supply shortage, freight issues in Europe.
US premiums hold at lower level
Fastmarkets assessed the tin 99.85% ingot premium, in-whs Baltimore at $2,000-2,700 per tonne on Tuesday November 30.
The premiums are unchanged from November 16, when they decreased by $300-750 per tonne from $2,300-3,450 per tonne a fortnight earlier.
Premiums had weakened because limited availability of the metal was no longer an issue, one market participant said.
The range of the premiums remain large because they depend on the buyer’s perception of the market, one trader said. “I can’t say there is an abundance of material,” he said.

The trader added that anything could happen between now and the end of the year, and that the new...


Ana de Liz

Yiwen Ju

Yasemin Esmen

December 01, 2021

04:17 GMT

New York, London, Shanghai