Molybdic oxide prices tick up in Europe; freight issues persist

Molybdic oxide prices ticked up slightly in Europe on Friday December 3 because ongoing freight issues continued to support the market, alongside suggestions that some participants may need material.

Fastmarkets’ molybdenum drummed molybdic oxide 57% Mo min, in-warehouse Rotterdam price range widened upward to $18.95-19.20 per lb from $18.95-19.10 last week due to strong sentiment, despite thin trading.   “I think people are happy to look for spot material. I wonder whether they’re having transport or logistical issues, or maybe they have to deliver by early January,” a producer said.    “Logistics remain irritating at the moment. I think there’s no improvement in sight for the next year and a...


Claire Patel-Campbell

December 03, 2021

17:48 GMT