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When most people hear the words precious metals, they think of jewelry or bullion. However, the precious metals market is more than just gold and silver. Other precious group metals (PGM) include platinum and palladium. These products can be used in jewelry, electronics, automotive manufacturing, and more. They can also be used to manage risk or to serve as a safe haven for capital during times of financial uncertainty. Get to know the precious metals market, explore factors impacting supply and demand, uses both industrial and commercial, and ways to hedge and manage risk.

COMEX Copper Options have shown exponential growth in ADV and Open Interest. 

With the onset of electronic trading across financial markets, CME Group introduced CME Globex to the trading world and volume has migrated to the electronic trading screen. CME Globex is the premier electronic trading system providing global connectivity to a wide array of futures and options across all asset classes. As of February 2019, 99% of total COMEX Copper futures and 71% of COMEX Copper Options are transacted electronically.

Electronic ADV/Total ADV

Real Time Transparency

Robust market depth for COMEX Copper Futures and Options can be accessed nearly 24-hrs onscreen via CME Globex. 



Liquidity During Non-U.S. Market Hours

  • 36% of Total ADV is transacted during Asian Hours and
  • 65% of Total ADV is transacted during European Hours

Transparency in Settlement Prices

Daily settlement prices for COMEX Copper Futures are derived solely from trading activity on CME Globex during the settlement period (12:59-13:00 ET). This ensures the most transparent settlement possible and can be traded onscreen as HGT (TAS-Trade at Settlement).

Electronic trading is transparent, can be accessed by all, and ensures all clients (whether commercial or financial in nature) receive the best available price when they interact with the market. With 99% of volume transacted taking place via CME Globex, total volume continuously and consistently increasing, around the clock liquidity and settlement prices based on electronically traded contracts,COMEX Copper is a key source of global price discovery, liquidity and transparency.

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