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Welcome to the Green Aluminium Center—the one-stop destination for the latest news, insightful research and exclusive interviews dedicated to low-carbon aluminium brought to you by Fastmarkets and RUSAL.

As a durable, lightweight and endlessly recyclable material, aluminium is set to play a central role in the low-carbon economy of the future. Whether it’s electric vehicles, solar panels or environmentally conscious packaging, aluminium is ubiquitous in next-generation technologies and products. 

But to transform the future economy, aluminium needs to undergo its own transition. Production of the metal accounts for 2% of global carbon emissions due to the huge amount of electricity required in the smelting process. Traditionally, this energy has come from coal; but a revolution is taking place in the sector. Powered by renewable energy sources, low-carbon aluminium is being produced with a carbon intensity almost five times lower than the global average.

Low-carbon aluminium can play a key role in reducing embodied emissions across sectors as efforts continue around the world to build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic. On this site you’ll find the latest news on innovations in low-carbon aluminium and announcements from key participants in the market. From world-leading experts, you’ll also discover insightful research, major whitepapers and exclusive interviews exploring the part aluminium has to play in the advent of a low-carbon economy.



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