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Latest battery grade lithium prices

Last updated on Friday July 20.
 Metal Bulletin global lithium prices

Market & price developments
  • Battle over market share in China triggers price war pushing down battery-grade lithium carbonate prices.
  • Lithium hydroxide prices soften following the same price trend.
  • Lithium compounds sold by Qinghai based producer’s remains a main factor for the lower prices.
  • Battery grade carbonate seaborne cif China, Japan & Korean market prices softened meanwhile rest of the world prices remained stable.
  • European and US markets stable as summer slowdown period begins.
  • Read the global lithium wrap for more details.
Price trends

Lithium carbonate ex-works domestic ChinaLithium carbonate ex-works domestic China

Lithium carbonate cif China, Japan and KoreaLithium carbonate cif China, Japan and Korea

Lithium hydroxide ex-works China
Lithium hydroxide ex-works China

Lithium hydroxide cif China, Japan and Korea
Lithium hydroxide cif China, Japan and Korea


We are committed to bringing transparency to the lithium market by providing independent and reflective prices, on which you and all other market participants can rely. 

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Why have we chosen these prices? 
We have observed the highest liquidity in the Asian battery hub of China, Japan and Korea, where huge demand is driving price direction. Our teams in this region are extremely well positioned to capture and assess this evolving market, which is reflected in the four prices we have selected.   
We believe these four prices reflect the spot market liquidity in this region and will provide reliable benchmarks for the entire supply chain.
How we price lithium 

As a leading provider of trusted pricing intelligence and benchmarks to the metal and mining industry, our prices are relied upon globally to bring transparency to many markets.   
Our strict IOSCO-compliant methodology provides the most reflective prices and insights into the lithium market. These processes do not incorporate the use of trade data, which ensures that the price you see is the most up to date.    
We engage with all sides of the market in order to provide independent, robust prices on which you and all other market participants can rely.