About Us

Metal Bulletin Group aims to provide leading pricing intelligence, including independent industry benchmarks, for the metal and mining industry. The group’s global portfolio of news, analysis, conferences and insight services complement these price benchmarks.

Our price reporters assess over 2,000 non-ferrous, ferrous, raw material and non-metallic mineral prices, many of which are the industry standard benchmarks, trusted and used across the industry supply chain.

We are a completely impartial and independent price reporting agency and engage with all sides of the market, including sellers, buyers and traders, during the price discovery process.

Metal Bulletin’s price reporters are highly skilled and our pricing practices align with core IOSCO principles. Wholly independent and transparent methodologies and price specifications are central to Metal Bulletin price assessments.

Metal Bulletin has unique systems and technology infrastructure that ensure data integrity at every stage. Our price database, Markets Information Database (MInD), enforces strict pricing procedures, security of data, consistency and accountability. Used by our entire network of global price reporters, MInD’s integrated peer review system ensures that all prices are verified by at least two reporters before publishing and guarantees full auditability. To view Metal Bulletin’s complete price specification and methodology, click here.

Our assessments and indices are used by our clients for contract pricing and internal applications. The world’s major exchanges (such as SGX, CME) use our prices to settle financial and risk management contracts.

Our team of reporters have a breadth and depth of metals and minerals expertise, and ensure global coverage. Our market reports, commentary and analysis deliver in-depth data on the metals markets, allowing your business to understand and track key changes in the markets and stay competitive.

Whether you produce, trade, buy or consume metals, Metal Bulletin can ensure you and your business have a comprehensive package of dependable prices and actionable market intelligence. Metal Bulletin can provide data to your business in a delivery method to suit your needs, including XML data feeds.

To ensure compliance, companies using Metal Bulletin prices must ensure that they have the right data licence agreement. More information about fair usage of our data can be found here.