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Agenda Overview

Pre-day conference: Monday, March 16, 2020

3:30PM Registration Desk Open - Calypso Bar, Level 2
5:30PM Welcome Reception -Registration Desk Open - Calypso Bar, Level 2

Day 1: Tuesday, March 17, 2020

7:30AM Registration desk opens
9:00AM Chairperson's opening remarks
Moderator: Yi Gao, Regional Sales Manager, Fastmarkets
9:05AM An overview of the Asian steel market
  • A regional breakdown of Asian steel production: Where are the steel making hubs?
  • Breaking down the steel product mix and how this is driving ferroalloy demand
  • Assessing the impact of the US-China trade war on regional steel dynamics in Asia
Nirmal C Mathur, Director, Jindal Stainless Steel
9:30AM Panel Discussion: Ferroalloy pricing: Key trends and challenges
  • How have foreign exchange rates affected the Asian ferroalloy industry?
  • Considering the potential of overcapacity: How much will this affect ferroalloy prices?
  • Assessing the true cost of ferroalloys throughout the supply chain: How much value do production, operations and freight add?
Moderator: Susan Zou, Minors, Ores and Alloys Editor, Asia, Fastmarkets
Huang Junjie, Deputy General Manager, Ores & Alloys Trading, Baosteel Resources
10:10AM Silicon Session
  • An overview of current silicon prices in China
  • A monopoly on silicon: How much Chinese silicon is exported, and what impact does this have on other markets?
  • An outlook of Chinese domestic demand for silicon
Lucy Wang, President, Beijing LY Metals and Mining Co., Ltd
10:35AM Networking refreshment break
11:00AM Fastmarkets Manganese Ore Workshop
  • The manganese ore indices and how they’re calculated
  • Introduction to our new FOT index
  • Increasing clarity on the manganese ore stock situation in China
  • Recent market trends
  • Questions for the team
Fleur Ritzema, Global Minors, Ores and Alloys Editor, Fastmarkets
Jane Fan, Index Analyst (Metals & Mining), Fastmarkets MB
Amy Lv, Minors, ores & alloys pricing reporter, Fastmarkets MB
12:00PM Panel Discussion: Manganese Session
  • What is driving the decline in the ferromanganese and manganese ore prices?
  • How has the increased production of batteries which require high quality manganese affected the industry?
  • Oversupply in the manganese market: How can overcapacity be eliminated?
  • Forecasts for ferromanganese and manganese ore: The outlook to 2021
Moderator: Aloys D'Harambure, Executive Director, International Manganese Institute
Jian Zhou, Chairman, Guangxi Guikang New Materials
Dan Deng, President, Meng Fa
Rishi Budhraja, Director, GoodEarth
Gautam Kumar, Director, Asia Minerals Limited
12:40PM Networking lunch
1:55PM Panel Discussion: Supply and demand for ferroalloys: The end user perspective
  • Assessing the appetite for ferroalloys: Which alloys are in demand?
  • Which industries are driving ferroalloy consumption in Asia? 
  • An outlook for Asian ferroalloy consumption: Where will domestic demand come from in a slowing market?
  • The global steel outlook and what this might mean for Asian ferroalloys  
Geng Zuo, Chief Researcher, Minmetals Economic Research Institute
Li Xinchuang, President & Chief Engineer, China Metallurgical Industry Planning & Research Institute
Ekaterina Larionova, Head Of Raw Materials Department, Tula Steel
2:35PM Chrome Session
  • An overview of the global ferrochrome supply: How strong is international FeCr growth?
  • Ensuring a reliable supply of chrome ore. Is China overly reliant on South Africa as a raw material supplier?
  • What are the latest trends in chrome ore ferrochrome pricing? Can we expect prices to come down?
Dmitry Pastour, CEO, UniChrome AG
3:00PM Panel Discussion: Ferrochrome and stainless steel markets
  • Assessing the rapid growth of Chinese stainless steel production: Is the FeCr supply enough to sustain this?
  • Looking downstream: Which industries are driving the demand for ferrochrome?
  • Stainless steel pricing for the Chinese market: Are the tender prices reliable? How do they compare to international stainless steel prices?
Moderator: Dmitry Pastour, CEO, UniChrome AG
Sheraz Neffati, Executive Director, International Chromium Development Association
Vijay Kumar Singh, Director, Ispat Industries Ltd
Haifeng Zhao, Chief Representative, ThyssenKrupp Materials Services GmbH
3:40PM Networking refreshment break
4:05PM Steel Mill Panel

Attend this panel to gain key insights into the challenges that Steel Mills are currently encountering within the ferroalloys market, and how they plan to cope with these industry trends. 

4:45PM Steel Mill Meet and Greet

Start the business negotiations with a casual chat between buyers and suppliers and share how your year has been going. We have dedicated high tables where you come and meet new and familiar faces of the ferroalloy industry.

5:45PM End of day 1 and drinks reception

Day 2: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

9:30AM Registration desk opens

Roundtable Stream 1

10:30AM Roundtable: Adapting to challenging ferroalloy markets
  • Exploring industry trends: Which market conditions indicate downturns in alloy supply and demand?
  • Global trade dynamics: Which ferroalloy producers and raw material suppliers pose the most volatility to the global market?
  • Can the Asian market anticipate ferroalloy supply shocks? How can we mitigate against them?
11:30AM Roundtable: Emerging ferroalloy markets: Where are the opportunities?
  • Identifying economies with a growing appetite for ferroalloys: Who are China’s next key trading partners?
  • Opportunities for investment and trade with the Indian ferroalloy industry
  • The ferroalloy markets of Japan, South Korea and SE Asian countries: Where is the demand?
  • What is the likely impact of the US-China trade war on China’s development of new trading relationships?
Dmitry Nadotochii, Chairman, Charisma Resources
Manoj Vyas, Vice President, Bhartia Group

Roundtable Stream 2

10:30AM Panel Discussion: Vanadium
  • Exploring current Asian vanadium production and the industries driving it
  • The potential impact of ferroniobium on the vanadium market
  • Assessing vanadium pricing sensitivity: What is driving uncertainty in the market?
  • Exploring new vanadium projects around the world: How will these impact current global production?
Moderator: Amy Lv, Minors, ores & alloys pricing reporter, Fastmarkets MB
Paulo Misk, President and Chief Executive Officer, Largo Resources
Morgan Wu, Managing Director, Hangten Asia Co Ltd
11:10AM Roundtable: Nickel
  • Which industries are generating the highest demand for nickel?
  • Are nickel imports into China able to meet domestic demand? 
  • The rise of protectionism: Assessing the impact of Indonesia’s ban on nickel exports on the Chinese market
  • What is the nickel industry outlook for 2020-2021? Who are the key producers?
Denis Sharypin, Head of Market Research, Nornickel
Takahiko Minami, Head, Nickel and Cobalt Trading, Sumitomo Corporation
Mark Selby, Chairman & CEO, Canada Nickel Company
12:10PM Roundtable: Molybdenum
  • An update on global molybdenum production: An overview of key trends
  • Assessing Asian copper production and pricing, and how this is impacting the molybdenum price
  • The shifting appetite for scrap in Asia: What impact is this having on molybdenum consumption?
  • Does the industry anticipate continued instability of molybdenum prices? Exploring the outlook for 2021
Barry Lazar, President, MEDIMA
Andreas Keller, Vice President, Scandinavian Steel AB
Stella Li, General Manager, Sinomoly Limited
1:10PM End of conference and networking lunch

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