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Agenda Overview

The Asian Battery Materials Conference: Day One: Wednesday, August 26, 2020

8:45AM Welcome Address
Yi Gao, Regional Sales Manager, Fastmarkets

The future of e-mobility: China and the rest of the world

9:00AM Opening remarks: The battery industry today
Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company
9:15AM The future of Asia's battery industry
  • What steps are Asian countries taking to ensure the mass scale adoption of sustainable mobility?
  • What are the capex costs of manifesting facilities? What new battery development projects are underway?
  • Where is the new demand for raw materials expected to come from?
  • How will the proportion of demand for battery metals change, and which alternative materials might we see gain traction in the market?
Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company
10:00AM Electrification and the impact on material demand: An OEM's perspective
  • Electrification outlook: What is the scale of E-mobility adoption?
  • What initiatives are automotive companies taking to promote sustainable supply chains?
  • How are end-users getting involved in the procurement of battery materials?
  • What factors are affecting buying strategies? Are OEMs optimistic that supply will meet demand?
Yann Teste, Vice President Sourcing Global Commodities, Volvo Construction Equipment
10:30AM Morning networking break

Battery materials: Pricing and risk

11:15AM Understanding pricing mechanisms
  • What are the pricing trends for lithium cobalt and nickel?
  • What initiatives can exchanges offer to support the battery industry?
11:30AM How are prices evolving?
  • How are these expected to change over the next couple years?
  • Are we likely to see demand for any of these metals outstrip supply?
William Adams, Head of Base Metals and Battery Research, Fastmarkets
11:45AM Staying secure in a volatile market
  • What strategies can your business take to help manage exposure to supply and price risk?
  • Understanding the mechanisms of hedging: How have things evolved?
  • Is the market stable enough for long-term offtake agreements to become the industry standard?
  • What place is there now for buying uniquely on the spot market and could this evolve towards more transparent methods?
Moderator: William Adams, Head of Base Metals and Battery Research, Fastmarkets
Robert Fig, Managing Director, Robert Fig Limited
Peter Goertzen, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
12:30PM Lunch

Lithium fundamentals

1:30PM China's lithium industry and the future of domestic production
  • What are the primary challenges and opportunities associated with Chinese lithium production?
  • What technological breakthroughs have helped to overcome the main issues of extracting battery grade lithium from domestic brines?
  • How would the widespread adoption of battery grade Chinese lithium impact global prices?
Alison Dai, Commercial Director, Chemphys
2:00PM Battery grade lithium: Supply and demand panel
  • An update and overview of lithium fundamentals: current supply and demand dynamics and market forecasts.
  • What are some significant challenges producers face in sustaining growth?
  • What steps can all industry participants take to minimise exposure to risk?
  • Are we likely to see more downstream presence in lithium supply, or is this best left to the miners?
Moderator: Chris Berry, Founder, House Mountain Partners LLC
Yann Teste, Vice President Sourcing Global Commodities, Volvo Construction Equipment
Jingwen Sun, Assistant Director - Equity Research, Minmetals Securities
3:00PM Cathode chemicals and industry trends
  • What is the latest research and development in the field of battery grade chemicals?
  • What are the technical advantage of certain cathode chemicals over others?
  • How is material refining capacity expected to change?
3:30PM Afternoon networking break

Copper and graphite fundamentals

4:15PM Global copper supplies: How important is it for the battery boom?
  • How will the expected rise in EVs affect demand for copper?
  • Is the copper market prepared?
  • What are the main challenges associated with bringing new capacity online?
Frank Gao, Market Director for Technology and Appliance, International Copper Association
4:45PM Battery grade graphite: Supply, demand and pricing
  • Market outlook for synthetic vs natural graphite: How is demand shifting and how is the industry responding?
  • What strategies are western automotive companies taking to ensure the consistent supply of graphite?
  • What are the capex requirements for battery grade graphite production, and what steps can producers around the world take to stay ahead?
5:30PM End of day one and networking drinks

The Asian Battery Materials Conference: Day Two: Thursday, August 27, 2020

The future of the battery industry: Sustainability and infrastructure

9:00AM Battery recycling: Technology, legislation, and profitability
  • Chinese recycling capacity vs the rest of the world: How far has technology advanced?
  • When will recycled materials/cell components begin to impact the wider market?
  • Reducing transport emissions and closing the loop: What can be done to further reduce the environmental footprint of recycling?
  • What remain the biggest obstacles for battery recyclers? And what solutions are on the horizon?
Dirk Spiers, President, Spiers New Technologies
Hans Eric Melin, Director, Circular Energy Storage Research and Consulting
10:00AM Improving EV infrastructure
  • How is the access to charging stations expected to keep up with the EV surge? What is the current and predicted charging-energy demand?
  • What are the key emerging technologies?
  • What else needs to happen to encourage the growth of this industry?
10:30AM Morning networking break

Nickel and cobalt fundamentals

11:00AM Battery grade cobalt: Supply and demand panel
  • How is demand for cobalt expected to change? Can supply keep up?
  • How can all industry participants cooperate to ensure the ethical supply of cobalt?
  • What do producers make of the trend for reducing cobalt in batteries?
  • How will the adoption of 5g networks affect cobalt demand?
Moderator: Charlotte Radford, Minors, ores and alloys editor, Europe, Fastmarkets MB
Tony Southgate, Cobalt Trader, Stratton Metals
Trent Mell, President & CEO, First Cobalt Corp.
12:00PM Battery grade nickel: Supply and demand panel
  • What is the outlook for increased nickel content of NCM and NCA cathodes?
  • What is the predicted growth of NiSO4 in cathode precursors?
  • What are the latest strategies in tackling limited nickel sulphide reserves?
  • An overview of the current feedstock payables and relative process costs for production of high purity NiSO4 used in the plating and battery industries.
  • How do impurities in NiSO4 affect the electrochemical performance of NCM and NCA cathodes
Moderator: Clive M Whittington, Managing Director, C.M.Whittington & Associates Ltd.
Evgeny Semakin, Regional Nickel And Cobalt Market Analyst, Nornickel
1:00PM Lunch

Emerging battery markets

2:00PM Europe's role in the global battery race
  • Europe’s EV boom – how are automotive companies looking to consolidate supply chains?
  • What is the latest developments with the proposed European gigafactories?
  • What strategies are Asian companies taking to get more involved with the European market?
2:30PM Securing funding for mines
  • What initiatives are currently available to producers looking to secure funding?
  • What is the due diligence of investing in raw material assets?
  • What are the key factors investors take into account when deciding which projects to finance
Ernie Ortiz, President, LRC
3:00PM Defining and scouting stationary storage systems
  • What are the leading battery chemistries being developed for grid storage systems?
  • What are the applications and use cases for grid storage systems?
  • Which battery chemistries are best suited for these applications?
3:30PM End of conference

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