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Agenda Overview

Sunday 9 November 2014

18:00 IFA 30th Birthday Party


Day 1: Monday 10 November 2014

09:00 Registration desk opens

09:45 Chairperson’s opening remarks

Keynote presentations


10:00 India: Will India realise its ferrous dreams slowly but surely?

  • Post-elections: what kind of support is being offered by the new government?
  • Urbanisation rates and the future impact on demand for steel products
  • A display of recent growth figures in crude steel output; how will this correlate to expected growth?
  • What remain the greatest challenges to the industry’s evolution in India?

Shri Syedain Abbasi, Joint Secretary of Steel, Ministry of Steel, India

10:30 Global stainless steel outlook – Has 2014 been a positive year and what’s next?


  • The state of affairs for 2014: pricing trends, margins, demand for stainless and specialty steels
  • Where has there been an uptick in stainless demand? How is urbanisation around the world impacting demand?
  • Upcoming trends for specialty sectors such as automotive, oil & gas and construction
  • How are technological advances around the world shaking up the status quo of the stainless sector?

Markus Moll, Managing Director, SMR, Austria

11:00 Networking coffee break

11:45 Alloy sourcing updates and outlook from ArcelorMittal


  • Brief introduction of ArcelorMittal
  • Is crude steel production now markedly inching towards pre-recession levels?
  • 2015 steel demand forecast; global and regional
  • Which countries are witnessing increments of growth and which still need time to put the pieces back together?
  • What kind of steel and ferro-alloys will be driving demand?

Tarun Porwal, General Manager - Ferro-alloys and Base Metals, ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg

12:15 Iceland – the power island: An attraction for energy intensive industries


  • Why Iceland has industrial allure for energy intensive industries
  • How can businesses benefit from establishing operations in Iceland
  • Energy price forecast: How will Iceland compare to the rest of Europe in the medium term?
  • Developments, new projects and expansions within Landsvirkjun

Rikardur Rikardsson, Business Director, National Power Company – Landsvirkjun, Iceland

12:45 Enemies and alloys: Ukraine – geopolitics and ferroalloy production




  • Collecting comments: how have the companies operating in troubled areas reacted to the instability? How has it impacted their operations?
  • Potential implications if sanctions are to be passed on Russia
  • Analysis of Ukrainian bulk ferroalloys consumption, depending on steelmaking process
  • State regulation and the influence of this on ferroalloys markets in Ukraine and on production costs

Katerina Yefimenko, Senior Analyst – Non-ferrous & Ferroalloys, DZI, Ukraine

13:15 Networking lunch






Stream I: Manganese

14:45 Chairwoman’s opening remarks

Anne Tremblay, Executive Director, International Manganese Institute, France

15:00 Manganese market overview: how have we faired in 2014 so far?

  • An overview of supply and demand fundamentals in 2014
  • Updates on average real unit consumption globally of Mn products in today’s steelmaking environment
  • Projected market balance going forward and which projects will be offsetting the status quo
  • Latest news from the IMnI and other global issues

Alberto Saavedra, Market Research Manager, International Manganese Institute, France

15:30 A shift in manganese EHS perspective


Doreen McGough, OHES Manager, International Manganese Institute, France


15:45 Networking coffee break

16:15 Global discussion: From ore to alloy to end user – key issues impacting the supply chain


  • In light of the obvious advantages to being a low cost ore producer, are we a long way off from seeing more alloy smelting capacity coming online?
  • How to best maximise operational and logistic efficiency: what exactly are the main opportunities for the Mn ore producers in South Africa?
  • How long is the oversupply in medium-grade Mn ore expected to last? Could there be a reining in on mining licences in RSA to help reduce untimely capacity?
  • How is the high-grade Mn market currently differing from the medium-grade? What form are premiums assuming?
  • The largest end-user market: are the attitudes of Chinese buyers changing with respect to quality standards in Mn ore?
  • The mining environment in Australia has been difficult recently: how has this impacted the mining of high-grade material?
  • EMM and ferro-manganese; how is the pure metal expected to develop? Will it still be plagued by environmental issues?
  • Display of opinions on the outlook of the market from now to 2020

Moderator: Anne Tremblay, Executive Director, International Manganese Institute, France

Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult, UK
Johan Kriek, Chief Executive Officer, United Manganese of Kalahari, South Africa
Elsabe Muller, General Manager of Marketing – Manganese, BHP Billiton, Australia
Arnaud Tissidre, Vice President Commercial – Ores & Alloys, Eramet, France
Pedro Larrea Paguaga, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Grupo FerroAtlantica, Spain


17:30 End of day one followed by Gaudi House drinks reception


Stream II: Nickel & Niobium

14:45 Chairperson’s opening remarks

15:00 Raw materials discussion: capacities, bans, prices, smelting and the reactions to it all


  • After the boom in Ni deposits and now the slowdown, what project realisations seem realistic in the coming 5 years?
  • Are we beginning to witness the substitution of FeNi for class one nickel products?
  • How much ore is still stockpiled in Chinese ports? How long will these quantities last?
  • Approximately a year on from the export ban, how are Asian buyers ensuring steady supply of material?
  • In what ways have they tried to circumvent the export ban?
  • To date, how many smelter projects in Indonesia are we sure of? Progress reports on these enterprises.
  • Will and can NPI be removed from REACH’s list of hazardous materials, thereby enabling Europe to buy NPI?
  • What is the future for the other major producing countries such as Russia, New Caledonia, the Philippines and Brazil?
  • How much can these countries make up in the Ni shortfall caused by Indonesia?

Moderator: Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, Managing Partner, DMM Advisory Group, UK

Mark Selby, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Nickel, Canada
Jim Lennon, Senior Consultant, Macquarie Bank Ltd, UK
Jerome Baudelet, Ferronickel Sales & Market Research, Eramet Group, France
Austin Brown, Portfolio Manager, Moore Capital, UK

16:00 Networking coffee break

16:30 Forecasting Ni prices: Just how high might they go?

  • After the export ban: what could this mean for Ni prices?
  • Overview of factors which will continue to impact Ni prices



17:00 Niobium: supply & demand fundamentals, new projects and end user prospects


  • Production outlook for HSLA steel and the corresponding demand for FeNb moving forward
  • Which particular special steel products are driving demand at the moment and which show promise?
  • State of the supply/demand balance: how will new projects impact the market
  • Details on Cradle Resources project in Tanzania

Grant Davey, Managing Director, Cradle Resources, Australia


17:30 End of day one followed by Gaudi House drinks reception


Stream III: Vanadium & Molybdenum

14:45 Chairperson’s opening remarks

15:00 Panel discussion: Vanadium market fundamentals and developments under watch

  • How balanced is the market at the moment? What will be the supply-demand fundamentals going forward into 2020?
  • Which countries are still lagging with respect to rebar quality standards and are therefore promising for vanadium demand?
  • What are the growth prospects for vanadium chemicals and vanadium nitride and how much material could this remove from demand from the steel industry?
  • Where are new reserves likely to spring up from and when will we witness the next wave of new projects coming online?
  • Where are producers looking to for innovation which could wield important opportunities for V and FeV producers?
  • Opportunities and challenges in the current climate

John Gardener, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Atlantic Ltd., Australia
Darcie Ladd, Manager of Corporate Development, Largo Resources, Brasil

16:00 Networking coffee break

16:30 Panel discussion: Molybdenum mania - price peaks, new supplies and applications


  • Forecasting the supply and demand balance; how have new capacities impacted the market as of yet?
  • China: how has the order from the WTO to lift Mo export quotas and taxes changed the market dynamics?
  • With Mo usage and production reaching record levels, which regions are witnessing increased usage of Mo in steelmaking?
  • Talking long term price forecasts – what are the views on how prices will develop over the next 12 months?
  • The future of molybdenum mining: primary or secondary production?
  • Which regions are lagging in terms of demand? Is Europe still yet to realise pre-crisis production levels, resulting in lower Mo consumption?
  • Recycling of Mo scrap: is this gaining ground?
  • Opinions on the viability of new applications for Mo in new products

Kevin Pritchett, Head of Molybdenum Sales & Marketing, KGHM International, Canada
Andreas Keller, Vice President, Scandinavian Steel AB, Sweden


17:30 End of day one followed by Gaudi House drinks reception

Day two:Tuesday 11 November 2014

Stream I: Chrome

10:30 Chairperson’s opening remarks

10:45 Global discussion: Another year gone by – how have we fared in 2014 and what’s next?



  • With the possibility of a chrome export tax in RSA having been abolished, what’s next for the industry?
  • Some believe the ferrochrome industry in RSA still has a hopeful future: is this a dream or reality?
  • Are the buying tendencies of Chinese customers starting to lean towards more charged chrome?
  • Is there a sufficient awareness of the difference between high-grade and medium-grade ore on behalf of buyers?
  • Does the upper end of the chrome ore market steadfast enough to force premiums and make this commonplace in the industry?
  • How much additional smelting capacity is expected to be coming into operation over the next year? What will the impact of this be on the market?
  • Pricing – are opinions split on the use of benchmark or spot market transactions? Might we see more of one and less of another?
  • Display of opinions on the outlook of the market from now to 2020

Moderator: Philippe Richard, Secretary General, International Chromium Development Association, France

Lara Smith, Managing Director, Core Consultants, South Africa
Danko Konchar, Chief Executive Officer, Afarak Group Oyj, Finland
Robert Yüksel Yildirim, President & Chief Executive Officer, Yildirim Group, Turkey
Mauri Kauppi, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Outokumpu Chrome Oy, Finland
Dmitry Pastour, Marketing Director, ENRC, Kazakhstan

12:00 Networking coffee break

12:30 12:30 An insight into Cr ore and other bulk alloys imports in South East Asia

  • Stainless steel production figures in SEA – which countries are demonstrating promising potential?
  • How do these figures trickle down to impact import levels?
  • Manganese: how much is being delivered to the region for both crude and stainless steel production?

Gueorgui Pirinski, Iron & Steelmaking Raw Materials Analyst, Noble Group, Singapore


13:00 Overview of CIS ferro-alloys output





  • Review of ferro-alloys output issuing from the CIS region in 2014
  • Production statistics for FeCr in the region

Olena Vlasiuk, General Director, Consulting Company V.S.K. Group Ltd., Ukraine


13:30 Lunch and close of conference


Stream II: Silicon & Tungsten

10:30 Chairperson’s opening remarks

10:45 The impact of crude steel output on FeSi demand



  • How will crude steel production be impacting the ferro-silicon markets?
  • Which regions will continue to drive demand?
  • Which other ferro-alloys products are ousting FeSi from use? To how large of an extent is this happening?
  • Long term outlook for the supply/demand balance

Amy Bennett, Principal Consultant, Metal Bulletin Research, USA

11:15 Silicon Metal – are the good times coming back?

  • Why have silicon metal prices outperformed other bulk ferro alloy prices in 2014?
  • What is the reason for the wide variation between regions?
  • Has the solar sector turned the corner?
  • Developments in the aluminium and silicone segments
  • How does the industry cost structure relate to present and future pricing
  • Electricity shortages in Brazil and their impact on silicon metal supply

Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult, UK

11:45 Networking coffee break

12:15 Process design for Si projects & photovoltaics supply chain



  • Typical divergences in process design and engineering phases in greenfield plants installation, brownfield plants updgrade and conversion of Ferro Alloy furnaces to Metallurgical Silicon furnace
  • Technical study comparison and CAPEX review on the turnkey versus package based projects (Greenfield plants)
  • Example of which downstream effects caused by the engineering phases typical mistakes could bring to the product performance afterwards
  • How engineering design of Si process can impact polysilicon production in the photovoltaic supply chain

Louis Charles Parous, Executive Director, Viridis.IQ, Germany
Valdiney Domingos, Director of Process Intelligence, Viridis.IQ, Germany



12:45 Global tungsten fundamentals in motion: Where will 2015 take us?

  • How are new projects, particularly in Europe, offsetting the supply/demand status quo?
  • Is Europe the new hub for W projects? How are the ones currently under development or operation faring?
  • How successful are the initiatives in Africa to ensure tungsten ores and products are being certified as conflict free? Have most companies latched on to this programme?
  • Ferrotungsten price forecast from 2014 moving into 2015: which supportive factors lie on the horizon?

13:15 Lunch and close of conference

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