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Agenda Overview

Day one
Tuesday 29th September

08:00 Registration desk opens


Session I – Global steel tube and pipe

08:45 Chairman’s opening remarks

09:00 Keynote Panel – navigating overcapacity and success strategies for the European steel tube and pipe market

  • How is overcapacity affecting the market? What are the solutions? How likely is industry consolidation?
  • Imports and dumping – what impact is low cost imports having on the European producers? Is market protection the solution?
  • How can Europe compete in the global marketplace? To what extent can Europe re-align itself as a high quality producer of niche products?
  • Global urbanisation, shale and automotive potential – how can European producers tap into growing demand? What role can European producers play in new shale and offshore projects worldwide?
  • Survival and success – what strategies are there for European producers?

James Ley, Principal Consultant – Tube and Pipe Division, Metal Bulletin Research

Francois Michalet, Director, European Steel Tube Association
Giorgio Frigerio, Global Commercial Manager, Marcegaglia Tube Division

10:00 Turkish exporters – dumping vs globalisation

  • Domestic demand and production - what export strategies are Turkish pipe producer following?
  • Good lead time and lower prices – how are Turkish producers catering for the European market?
  • Trade cases in the US– are trade cases against Turkish goods violating free trade? What effect could further trade cases have on the Turkish industry?
  • How likely is a reduction in capacity and consolidation as a reaction to more difficult export conditions?
  • Which regions are being targeted for growth by Turkish producers? Are developing economies in Africa and Asia likely?

Bulent Demircioglu, Member of the Board, Turkish Steel Exporters Association and Chairman, Borusan Mannesmann

10:30 Networking refreshment break
11:15 Russian oil and gas industry and OCTG

  • How is the OCTG market developing in Russia? What new projects are starting to procure pipe?
  • What effects have political issues had on the Russian oil and gas industries? To what extent has it been beneficial for domestic producers?
  • How are domestic producers tailoring their products and packages to cater to the oil and gas industries? Are turnkey packages and tailored products going to become the norm?
  • What role are Russian tube and pipe producers playing in the global market? Where will the main regions for export be?
  • What effect has the low oil prices had on the Russian oil and gas industry and economy as a whole? How will it affect tube and pipe demand?

Sergey Alekseev, Head of Marketing Directorate, TMK OJSC

11:45 Indian stainless steel in the global market

  • What markets are driving demand for stainless steel pipes in India? What new markets are emerging?
  • Where are raw materials being sourced from?
  • How does India rank amongst global stainless pipe producers? Where are the main regions for exports? What threats are there in the market for Indian companies?
  • How are Indian producers adapting to meet global product requirements?

J A Buch, Director, Pranali Industrial Services

12:15 Networking lunch
13:45 Iranian steel tube and pipe – OCTG projects and opportunities

  • Iran in the global market place
  • Demand for tubular goods – oil and gas, line pipe and construction projects: how much pipe will Iran require for new projects? What role could Iran potentially play in future Europe bound pipelines?
  • What level of domestic production is there? Could Iran feasibly export some tubular products?

Ali Shams Pour, Managing Director, Petrosteel

14:15 MENA focus, oil price fall out and line pipe pricing

  • What new projects are slated in the MENA region? How much pipe will be required?
  • To what extent has turbulent oil prices affected projects? Will there be a medium to long term affect on pipe demand? What affect has it had on shale projects? What does it mean for the OCTG market?
  • Premium pipe connections – issues and price wars
  • Increased domestic production and trade cases - how are imports affecting local production and pricing?

John Blomberg, Director, Duferco and JESCO

14:45 Networking refreshment break

Session II – OCTG and line pipe: turbulent oil prices and energy independence politics

15:30 ArcelorMittal’s market forecasts and TANAP work

  • TANAP pipeline: a supplier’s view – how is the project progressing? How are Arcelor Mittal catering for the supply of pipes and other services for the project?
  • Where is the market heading in Europe and globally? How can tube producers adapt?

Denis Parein, Segment Manager - Oil and Gas, ArcelorMittal Europe

16:00 Oil and gas market forecasts – turbulent prices and political pressures: where are the markets heading?

  • Market trends – how are oil and gas markets likely to progress?
  • Turbulent prices and high cost projects – where are new projects likely to develop?
  • How will offshore and onshore projects fair in this lower price environment?
  • How will these factors correlate with demand for OCTG products?

Hannah Lewendon, Research Team Leader, Douglas Westwood

16:30 Line pipe – projects, purchasing and politics

  • To what extent is line pipe demand affected by the political climate and a drive for energy independence?
  • LSW and HSAW compared – how do they compare in price, strength, availability and prevalence? Which will become more dominant globally?
  • To what extent is the capacity overhang depressing prices?
  • Line pipe and OCTG growth – is there a disconnect in OCTG growth and line pipe capacity? What are the solutions?
  • Ageing pipelines across Europe and US – could this drive demand for line pipe?

Roman Filimonov, Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research

17:00 Networking drinks reception and close of day one

Session III Construction, automotive and high end pipes

08:45 Demand drivers – construction and automotive markets

  • The ITA’s take on the global tube market
  • European advantage: local end users and currency advantages – how can pipe producers best take advantage of favourable conditions in the European market?
  • To what extent are we likely to see a recovery in residential and non-residential construction in developed markets?
  • What ramifications will there be for construction pipe demand?

Dr Gunther Voswinckel, President, International Tube Association

09:15 Construction pipe: adapting to demanding construction projects

  • How can pipe produces best supply this growing market?
  • How are next generation products, with increased strength and decreased weight, support challenging construction projects?
  • Quality and specifications – to what extent are newer producers in developing areas able to meet global standards and specifications?
  • Can European producers adapt to compete?

Richard Lankshear, Marketing Manager – Construction Structures, Tata Steel

09:45 New frontiers for hot finished hollow sections

  • How has the innovative Arvedi Leonardo® manufacturing process evolved?
  • International market overview: current figures and new developments for high end applications
  • What are the key performances and benchmarks?

Stefano Manfredi, Sales Manager, Arvedi Tubi Acciaio

10:15 Innovation and high value added products – the future for European production?

  • What applications are there for high end products?
  • Which regions are driving demand?
  • R&D projects – how can European producers develop new products to defend market position?

Diego Herrero, Innovation Director, Tubacex Group

10:45 Networking refreshment break


Session IV Technology – improving efficiencies and regional adaptions

11:15 Tubing quality requirements and tube mill quality control systems performance

  • An ultrasonic testing machine provider´s perspective

Philip Dooms, General Manager UT Testing Machines, GE Measurement & Control

11:40 Danieli – Latest technologies for competitive steel tube technologies

  • An in depth look at how tubular technology is changing and how it can be best utilised

Ettore Cernuschi, Chief Technical Officer, Danieli

12:05 SMS Meer – Insights and perspectives on current market developments through the eyes of a plant manufacturer

  • A shift from quantity to quality and efficiency in production – how is technology adapting to this?

Stephan Hüllstrunk, Technical Sales Manager Tube & Pipe, SMS group

12:30 Networking lunch, close of conference and optional field trip to SMS group workshop


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