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Agenda Overview

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Thursday June 9: Day 1

8:00am Registration desk opens

8:55am Organizers opening remarks

9:00am Chairperson’s keynote address: Which way is up?

  • Which paradigms are driving the mining boom-bust cycle and how can they be challenged?
  • What role does financing play in driving innovation?
  • What are the low hanging fruit which could be utilized by mining companies for minimum effort and maximum impact?
  • How should mining companies invest for the future? Managing short-term and long-term goals

Jan Kwak, Managing Director, Hatch

9:30am Keynote opening remarks: The future of the mining industry

  • Why is a strategic approach to innovation so important for the mining industry?
  • How can high performing industries inform and inspire the future of the mining industry?
  • What role does Natural Resources Canada stand to play in the future of Canadian mining?

Marian Campbell Jarvis, Assistant Deputy Minister, Minerals and Metals Sector, Natural Resources, Government of Canada

Session 1- A strategic approach

10:00am Going beyond cost cutting

  • What are the key challenges facing the North American mining industry and what is being done to address these challenges?
  • Have traditional cost cutting measures been exhausted in the latest down cycle? What makes this time different?
  • What does it mean to define a long-term strategy for innovation? How can this impact performance?
  • Short-term or long-term investment: what should be prioritized in times of financial hardship?

Carl Weatherell, Executive Director and CEO, Canada Mining Innovation Council

10:30am What it takes to succeed in the down-cycle: case studies

  • What can mining executives do to lead their companies through difficult times? The importance of senior level buy-in for companywide change
  • Is a multi-pronged, transformational approach to innovation the best way for mining companies to get the most from their assets? Or is small step-change the most feasible way for mining companies to develop sustainably?
  • Can a broad approach to operational innovation hinder success? What should be prioritized?
  • Amidst an increasingly competitive market, what does it take to create a competitive advantage?

Jan Kwak, Managing Director, Hatch

Steve Holmes, COO, KGHM International
Steve Wood
, COO, Sherritt International

11:15am Networking refreshment break

12:00pm Securing investment for innovation

  • How can mining companies better utilize the current investment climate? What sources of alternative finance are available?
  • What can mining companies do to secure required investment for innovation projects?
  • Why is mining technology development a vastly underinvested area? What can investors do to spot the genius from the ineffective and thus invest more wisely?
  • To what extent could consulting firms, with their in-depth overview of the mining industry, play a greater role in absorbing investment risk in product development?

Hadi Hami, Trade Management, Liberty House Group and President & Director, Steel Sky Group

Zulf Karim, Regional Head of Business Development, Toronto Stock Exchange
Chad Williams, President and CEO, Red Cloud Klondike Strike
Keith Spence, President and Partner, Global Mining Capital
David Stein, CEO, Aberdeen International

1:00pm Networking lunch

Session 2- Models of co-operation

2:30pm Collaborating to succeed: working together while retaining a competitive edge 

  • Could mining companies reduce costs while increasing profits through adopting new models of collaboration? How could this be put into practice?
  • To what extent has the commodity down-cycle fostered a closed culture within the mining community? Could a more open approach be more favorable?
  • Can developing new working relationships and payment models with equipment and service providers allow more flexible contracts when liquidity is low?

Andrew Swart, Partner, Deloitte

Marian Campbell Jarvis, Assistant Deputy Minister, Minerals and Metals Sector, Natural Resources, Government of Canada
Rick Howes
, CEO, Dundee Precious Metals
Carl Weatherell
, Executive Director and CEO, Canada Mining Innovation Council
Andrew Pyne, Vice President Mining, Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA
Don Duval
Peter Kondos
, Senior Director, Strategic Technology Solutions, Barrick Gold

3:45pm Networking refreshment break

Session 3- Lean mining strategies

4:15pm Mine planning: the first step towards success

  • Can lean principles be implemented at the mine planning stage to ensure that optimum efficiency is achieved?
  • To what extent is poor mine planning holding back mining companies? What are the most common weaknesses in this area? Could reliability and flexibility be increased?
  • Should mining companies focus on more efficient mine planning before considering automation?
  • Could better mine planning create a more efficient balance between ore removed from the ground and the amount recovered from the ore after processing? Should this be more of a concern?

Rick Howes, CEO, Dundee Precious Metals

4:45pm Continuous operations: the future of mining

  • Can automation and data collection prove to be inexpensive and cost effective?
  • What are the prerequisite required before automation and continuous operation can be contemplated?
  • Can mining method improvement and continuous mining technologies be married together?

Lawrence Radford, SVP Operations, HECLA

5:15pm Collecting real time big data: the benefits

  • What are the potential outcomes of collecting big data in any mining operation? What role can it play in mine plan evaluation?
  • Is a fully automated platform of operation required to reap the benefits of predictive maintenance? Can more be done with existing systems?
  • Is real time data necessary for a mining operation to reach its full potential?
  • Can data analytics be successfully carried out without investing a great deal of money into new technology?

Kulvir Gill, Senior Principal, Clareo

Don Duval, CEO, NORCAT
Dr Greg Baiden
, CEO, Penguin Automated Systems
Kirk Petroski,
Founder and CEO, Symboticware

6:00pm End of day one followed by networking drinks reception

Friday June 10: Day 2

8:00am Registration desk opens

9:00am Chairperson’s opening remarks 

Andrew Cheatle, Executive Director, PDAC

9:15am  Keynote opening remarks: becoming a serial mining innovator

  • How can mining companies drive innovation programs beyond just technology?
  • What prevents organizations from becoming serial innovators?
  • How could the mining industry configure to operate within a wider innovation ecosystem?
  • How can collaboration be driven to unlock new ideas and value?

Andrew Swart, Partner, Deloitte

Session 4- Looking outside of mining

9:45am Success from other industries: mining applicable strategies drawn from a panel of executives from outside of mining

  • Can lessons learnt from other industries really be applied to mining with success?
  • Does the answer to fruitful innovation in mining lie in industries outside of mining?
  • What is radical efficiency innovation?
  • What are examples of radical efficiency achieved in other industries and how can they be applied to mining?
  • How is radical efficiency implemented in other companies?


Satish Rao
, Partner, Clareo 


Israel Alguindigue
, Mission Lead, Uptake
David Nino
, Project Manager, Baker Hughes

10:45am Networking refreshment break

11:30am Commodities outlook: how long are prices expected to be depressed?

  • Are commodity prices likely to recover any time soon? Which commodities are likely to make a speedier price recovery?
  • Aside from reduced demand, how else have global commodity prices affected the mining industry?
  • What role have low commodity prices played in informing the need for innovation in the mining industry?
  • Will the Chinese economic slowdown and drop in demand for commodities continue to deteriorate?

Nicholas Snowdon, Executive Director, Standard Chartered Bank

Session 5- New technology for new strategies

12:15pm Reducing and re-capturing energy costs: missed opportunities

  • Could the energy requirements of grinding ore be reduced or recaptured? Is this a worthwhile investment amidst times of low fuel prices?
  • Where does the answer to energy efficiency lie? Are missed opportunities common?
  • Could energy lost in the form of heat be recaptured? Is this an area worth investing in?

Ivan Mullany, Director, CEEC International

12:45am Internet of Things (IoT): the digitization of mining

  • How is IoT applicable to mining?
  • What investments need to be made by companies to enable IoT?
  • What is different about digital technology? What does a digital roadmap in mining look like?
  • How does a mining company leverage big data, analytics and machine learning?
  • How can wearable technology, augmented reality and cognitive computing help miners?
  • What impact does IoT have on safety?

George Long, Digital Mining Lead, Accenture

1:15pm Close of day two and end of conference