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Agenda Overview

Day One: Tuesday, September 10, 2019

8:55AM Welcome address and chairperson's opening remarks
Davide Ghilotti, Industrial Minerals Editor, Europe, Fastmarkets
9:00AM Executive insight into global production patterns
  • What are the predictions for the graphite market as we head into 2021? How do you see the supply/demand balance in the medium term?
  • What is your current outlook on graphite market prices going forward?
  • How is demand performing in main consuming markets?
Shishir Poddar, Managing Director, Tirupati Graphite
Jamie Deith, President, Eagle Graphite
Stephen Riddle, CEO, Asbury Graphite Mills

Session I: What's new in graphite? Supply, demand and other market dynamics

9:45AM Graphite's role in the battery market
  • What are the recent trends in lithium-ion batteries, and how is this projected to affect graphite demand?
  • How does this demand compare with demand from traditional end users?
  • Where will graphite for battery supply be sourced going forward? Which regions will mostly influence the supply?
  • Have there been any relevant developments in anode chemistry and how could this impact graphite demand?
Fabrizio Corti, Business Director Synthetic Graphite, IMERYS Graphite & Carbon
10:15AM The latest on refractories and raw materials sourcing
  • To what extent are European refractories dependent on graphite imports from China and how has China’s new regulations affected sourcing strategies?
  • How feasible is it for countries that are import-dependent to turn towards ex-China sources?
  • How are evolving performance requirements affecting graphite demand?
11:00AM Networking refreshment break

Session II: Innovations in natural and synthetic graphite

11:45AM Synthetic vs. natural: the eternal debate
  • What is the forecasted demand for each type of graphite from the EV battery industry as well as car manufacturers from 2020 onwards? Can we trust these predictions?
  • In what ways are end users increasingly using a combination of both to achieve a more cost efficient product?
  • Are there any alternatives on the market to replace graphite in anodes?
  • Have there been developments in graphite electrode demand since 2018 with regard to steel production?
  • How do you forecast the graphite electrode market to perform in the medium term?
Christoph Frey, Managing Director, ProGraphite GmbH
12:30PM Networking lunch break

Session III: Financing graphite investment and the latest pricing trends

1:45PM Changing graphite specifications and the impact on pricing trends
  • How are prices behaving after an encouraging 2018? What factors contribute to stabilising the market?
  • What is the general outlook for supply and demand?
  • The latest pricing regimes that are enabling global graphite trade
Jon Stibbs, Senior Pricing Reporter, Fastmarkets
2:15PM Financing and investing in graphite: a closer look at new supply
  • Are projections of oversupply for the next decade accurate?
  • How many projects are expected to come online? How much extra capacity does this bring to the market?
  • Cost analysis of projects - how are these projects being financed?
  • Tipping point: how can miners secure financing in a bearish market?
Christopher Ecclestone, Principal & Mining Strategist, Hallgarten & Company
2:45PM Networking refreshment break

All eyes on Africa - how are established and junior miners performing in the current market climate?

3:15PM Lifting the lid on a new supply of concentrate
  • Where is most supply headed?
  • How much more graphite will be brought to market? Will demand absorb that?
  • In what ways will this influx of material interact with Chinese supply? Could it present possible competition?
  • Supplying to China: reverting a historic trend?
Christoph Frey, Managing Director, ProGraphite GmbH
3:45PM Success story of a junior miner
  • To what extent will graphite output increase in Madagascar by 2020/21?
  • In what stage of development are the latest projects coming out of Tanzania?
  • How are operations in Mozambique altering flake graphite flows in international trade?
  • How effective is the current rate of investment within this region of Africa?
Shishir Poddar, Managing Director, Tirupati Graphite
4:15PM End of Day One and networking drinks reception

Day Two: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

8:30AM Registration desk opens
9:25AM Chairperson's opening remarks

Session V: Dominance and regional dynamics: is change on the horizon?

9:30AM Chinese supply and market evolution
  • How is China’s share of the global graphite market evolving?
  • Are leading areas of graphite mining within China suffering from depletion and if so how would peripheral areas be able to fill the gap?
  • Chinese consumption is increasing, so how are companies reacting to this as well as the environmental regulations that still exist?
10:00AM Emerging Indian graphite supply - who can benefit?
  • How much of India’s graphite production is low-grade graphite?
  • Will India’s low-cost of labour, technology and infrastructure be enough to become a reliable alternative to Chinese production?
  • Do these supplies open up opportunities to new/increasing end users, such as EAFs driven steel production or anode-making capabilities?
Shishir Poddar, Managing Director, Tirupati Graphite
10:30AM Networking refreshment break
11:00AM Session VI: Roundtables: where can you capitalize on graphite products?

It doesn’t stop at batteries - our roundtable discussions will cover the latest developments in graphite’s numerous growing and emerging end use markets

Roundtable 1: The latest in graphite electrodes and keeping up with changing alloys

  • What’s changed? A deep dive into the projected production patterns of a leading steel mill
  • What specifications are electrodes likely to need? Where are steel mills planning on sourcing these?
  • Are there currently any materials other than graphite that steel mills are considering using in EAF electrodes?

Mark Shujun Ma Ph.D, Chairman & Ceo, CIMM GROUP CO LTD

Roundtable 2: Expandable graphite:  a growing market?

  • What is the market growth for expandable graphite heading into 2020 and beyond?
  • How is the construction industry driving the demand for expandable graphite, and in what regions?
  • What are the challenges to expandable graphite in terms of available capacity and the procurement of the most suitable of natural graphite?

Roundtable 3: How is graphite faring against the rise of silicon anodes?

  • Have there been any recent developments in the use of silicon anodes?
  • Which industries would these be relevant for?
  • Is it predicted that this will present a tangible commercial threat to the graphite market?
Prof. Dr Mark Shujun Ma Ph.D, Chairman & Ceo, CIMM GROUP CO LTD
12:00PM Close of conference and networking lunch