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Agenda Overview

Pre-day conference: Monday, September 23, 2019

8:00AM Field trip: Aluminium of Greece

Great opportunity to see the Aluminium of Greece plant for €100. Learn more here>>>

For more than half a century, Aluminium of Greece plant – today the Metallurgy Business Unit of MYTILINEOS SA – has been one of the leading players in the Greek heavy industries sector. In 2005, Aluminium of Greece became a member of the then MYTILINEOS Group and has since evolved into Europe’s only vertically integrated alumina, aluminium and bauxite production and trading plant.

Under a significant investment plan, the annual production capacity reaches 820,000 tons of alumina and 185,000 tons of aluminium.

The deadline for registration to the trip is Thursday 5th September 2019

3:00PM Registration desk opens
6:00PM Welcome Rooftop Cocktail Party

Come and enjoy the warm breeze, champagne, great food and catch up with old and new friends and while enjoying the breath-taking views of Athens.

Day One: Tuesday, September 24, 2019

7:30AM Registration desk opens
8:40AM Opening remarks
8:45AM Welcome address
Constantin Catsaros, Executive Director, ELVAL

Keynote sessions

9:00AM Short opening presentation: 2019 and the global aluminium industry
9:15AM Keynote panel: What does the future hold for the global aluminium industry?
  • What is being considered by aluminium producers when thinking about short and long terms plans?
  • What are the key global factors driving the strategies of Aluminium producers?
  • In times of steady demand for aluminium, how can overcapacity be avoided?
  • How have energy costs increasing effected the entire aluminium value chain?
  • Pressure of end-users:
    • What is driving packaging end users to use aluminium as part of their sustainability goals?
    • How are light weighting for Electric Vehicles influencing the future demand for aluminium?
Moderator: Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Fastmarkets
Christine Keener, Vice President, Commercial & Strategy, Alcoa
Spyridon Kasdas, Vice-Chairman of the Board, MYTILINEOS S.A
Alok Ranjan, Director – Sales & Marketing, Vedanta
Constantin Catsaros, Executive Director, ELVAL
Simon Pelletier, G.M. Global Metal Sales, Rio Tinto Marketing Pte Ltd
10:15AM Morning networking break
10:45AM Macroeconomics outlook
  • Trade ‘wars’ and their end game
  • With protectionism influencing politics: How is it affecting economies?
Benedikt Zeumer, Partner, McKinsey & Company Inc
11:00AM Sanctions, tariffs and legislation - the impact on trade flows and the aluminium supply chain
  • Are EU import duties for aluminium likely to change?
  • The effects of the Section 232 measures and countermeasures
  • Trade remedies (anti-dumping, countervailling and safeguard measures)
Charles Julien, Counsel, White & Case
11:15AM Joint Q&A
11:30AM Market panel - how have global politics and production cuts impacted prices and trade?
  • How are global trading trends shaping the market?
  • Macroeconomic trends: What are the implications for the aluminium prices and market dynamics?
  • Have production cut backs been significant enough to have an impact on the market as a whole?
  • What has driven price change and will drive in future?
Moderator: Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
Adam Mammon, Metal Derivatives Broker, Ocean Solutions LLC
Duncan Hobbs, Research Director, Concord Resources Limited
Uday Patel, Senior Research Manager - Aluminium Markets, Wood Mackenzie
12:15PM Networking lunch
1:30PM Executive interview: All green aluminium

An open conversation with Rusal

Moderator: Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Fastmarkets
Jerome Lucaes, Director Marketing & Sustainability, Rusal
1:50PM Panel: The path to sustainability - continuing the quest for lower carbon emissions

Includes a short presentation to kick off the discussion

  • How is the alumina and aluminium supply chain continuing its quest towards lowering its carbon footprint, leading to green aluminium?
  • What are the ASI’s plans to progress further?
  • How does sustainability fit into the sustainability goals of the gulf smelters?
  • What are the commercial benefits of prioritising sustainability throughout the aluminium production process?
Moderator: Chris Bayliss, Deputy Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute
Jerome Lucaes, Director Marketing & Sustainability, Rusal
Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director, Ball Beverage Packaging Europe
Paramita Das, General Manager Global Marketing & Development, Rio Tinto
2:50PM Growth and sustainability in the global aluminium industry
  • Strategies for industry growth and sustainability
  • The value of integrated process-energy-cost models
  • Case study examples and lessons learned for the future 
Dr. Mike Clinch, Materials Development Group Leader, Innoval Technology
3:15PM Networking break
3:35PM The Middle East as a growth area - examining new projects and shifts in raw materials purchasing trends
  • New projects and developments update
  • What plans are there for building refinery capacity in the gulf?
  • Has there been a shift away from spot market alumina purchasing?
Mahmood Dailami, Secretary General, Gulf Aluminium Council
3:55PM The bauxite industry in a period of oversupply
  • Details of new Australian and Guinean capacity expansions, production and exports
  • China's depleting bauxite reserves and the impact on it's alumina and aluminium production
  • What has been the effect of the lifting of the Malaysian mining ban? 
Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development, Alumina Limited
4:15PM Bauxite and alumina: China, regulations and responsible sourcing
  • A closer look at the fundamentals of the supply chain
  • Continuous Chinese bauxite tightness: what are the effects for global bauxite miners?
  • Is China likely to be a net importer or exporter of alumina in the future?
  • Quality: what are the conditions of the global bauxite reserves?
  • Responsible sourcing: how are end-users influencing the bauxite miners? 
  • Impact of Chinese demand on alumina prices
  • Environmental regulations: how has it changed the alumina landscape?
Moderator: Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development, Alumina Limited
Duncan Hobbs, Research Director, Concord Resources Limited
Benedikt Zeumer, Partner, McKinsey & Company Inc
John Habisreitinger, Executive Vice President, New Day Aluminium

Roundtable discussions

5:00PM Roundtable discussions

Take part in the debate led by an industry expert during roundtables knowledge sharing sessions

Setup: there will be 4 roundtables sessions each lasting 45 minutes. Pick the topic you’re most interested in and join the table for the discussion.


Table 1 – Chinese aluminium markets - understanding the latest development

Yang Cao, Market Analyst, Fastmarkets


Table 2 – Long term future demand and supply concerns aluminium industry

Chris Bayliss, Deputy Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute


Table 3 – Aluminium prices & global trading trends

Archie Hunter, Editor Base Metals, Fastmarkets


Table 4 - Prioritising sustainability throughout the aluminium production process

Jerome Lucaes, Marketing Director, Sustainability, Rusal


5:45PM End of day one
7:00PM Gala Dinner – Greek style hosted by Elval

The Gala Dinner will take place at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, the 'Lighthouse' . 

Do not miss the opportunity to taste Greek flavours, wine and enjoyr the sunset along with the 360-degree view at one of the most elegant locations in Athens. 

All delegates are invited to this 

Busses for delegates will depart from Grand Hyatt at 18:40 - dinner starts at 19:00


Day Two: Wednesday, September 25, 2019

8:00AM Registration desk opens
9:00AM Opening remarks
9:15AM Morning briefing - a look at key prices and where they are headed
  • Update on our global aluminium premium benchmarks
  • Price outlook
  • Research tools to support your business development
Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
9:45AM Initiatives to better serve the global aluminium industry
Sean Kessler, Manager - Metals Products, CME Group
10:05AM Aluminium at the LME
Yang Liu, Head of China Sales, London Metal Exchange
10:30AM Morning networking break
11:00AM Emerging Indian aluminium industry in the changing global landscape
Sunipa Roy, Head - Value Added Products & Strategic Marketing Aluminium Business, Vedanta
11:20AM China: production, demand, and price trends
  • Price trends in China for aluminium, alumina and bauxite
  • Chinese aluminium market supply demand balance outlook
  • China supply and consumption patterns?
Yang Cao, Metals Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research
11:40AM The competitiveness of downstream activities and the impact of the EU import tariffs on unwrought aluminium
Ernesto Cassetta, University of Udine
12:00PM Light weighting for Electric Vehicles –game changer for aluminium industry?
  • How much aluminium will be in demand for EVs by 2030?
  • For which applications is aluminium used in EVs?
  • Steel versus aluminium: What is the difference for EVs? How are they in competition?
  • Why is regional economy development a fundamental drive for aluminium demand in the automotive industry?
Goran Djukanovic, Analyst/Consultant, Aluminium Insider, Goran Djukanovic
12:20PM The global production cost curve - which regions have an advantage in aluminium production and where can costs be minimised?
  • An overview of the production cost curve and how this differs by region 
  • How does this tie together with raw materials procurement and access to end user market considerations?
  • Where else can costs be saved? How are producers innovating to this end?
Uday Patel, Senior Research Manager - Aluminium Markets, Wood Mackenzie
12:45PM Networking lunch break
1:50PM Global foil markets and sustainability
Stefan Glimm, Director General, GLAFRI Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative
2:10PM The future of packaging and responsible aluminium sourcing
  • What are the current and future trends affecting the packaging market?
  • What is the relationship between aluminium packaging and consumers?
  • Closer look at consumer awareness of packaging and how this is influencing packaging companies
  • Opportunities for aluminium packaging industry to change consumer behaviour and reduce food waste?
Moderator: Justin Yang, Aluminium Reporter, Fastmarkets MB
Stefan Glimm, Director General, GLAFRI Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative
Ruben Griffioen, Sustainability and Innovation Manager - Packaging Materials, Heineken
Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director, Ball Beverage Packaging Europe
Maarten Labberton, Packaging Director, European Aluminium Association
3:00PM End of conference

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