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Agenda Overview

Pre Conference Welcome Reception: Tuesday, March 6, 2018

5:00PM Pre Conference Welcome Reception

Day 1: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

8:00AM Registration Desk Opens

Keynote Session

9:00AM Opening Address
9:15AM Executives Panel: State of The Industry – what challenges have been overcome and what opportunities are ahead?
  • What macro-economic forces are influencing copper demand? How will they affect long term demand and copper prices?
  • Copper supply – what factors could lead to structural deficit in copper concentrates supply? How large could the deficit be in the short to medium term? To what extent will we see copper scrap playing a greater role in the raw materials mix?
  • China – how influential is Chinese policy and demand on the global copper market? Will demand growth continue? How does it interact with the global market?
  • New end user demand – to what extent will the potential growth of electric vehicles influence copper demand in the next 5 years? What role can copper play in renewable energy advances? Which other industries could influence future demand for refined copper?
  • What new innovations are helping improve efficiency and overcome industry challenges?
  • What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the copper market today? What strategies are likely to bring success?
Marco Calamia, Chief Metal Officer, KME Group
Benedikt Zeumer, Partner, McKinsey & Company Inc
Rodrigo Toro, Senior Vice President Commercial, Codelco Chile
Tim Biggs, Partner, Energy & Resources, UK Sector Leader, Metals & Mining, Deloitte
Javier Targhetta, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales - Freeport-McMoRan, President - Atlantic Copper, Freeport-McMoRan and Atlantic Copper
Jürgen Schachler, CEO, Aurubis AG
10:15AM INSIDER BRIEF - Industrial Automation
Augustin Fragoso Leon, Automation Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric
10:45AM Networking refreshment break

Session II – Copper supply: mine output and scrap availability

11:45AM Copper Mining Panel - how is the copper mine industry evolving and adapting to new challenges?
  • How did miners streamline and adapt to the low cost environment? Are they now well placed to thrive as prices increase?
  • Falling quality of ore – how are higher mineral waste requirements being dealt with?
  • What policies and innovations have helped optimise mine outputs and cost efficiencies?
  • How can potential disruptions from labour, weather, politics and water supply be mitigated? Are we likely to see fewer disruptions in 2018?
  • What new projects are likely to come into production soon? What will new tonnages mean for the supply balance in the market?
  • To what extent are new mines and expansions being offset by declining copper content in ores? Will there be a supply deficit in the short – medium term future?
  • Rising freight costs and lower premiums in China – could we see Europe become a distinct market, slightly removed from global flows?
Humberto Costa Leite, President & Chief Executive Officer, Almina SA
Jorge Cantallopts, Director of Public Planning and Research, Cochilco
12:30PM World Copper Mine Supply, Recycling and Fabrication - trends and perspectives In and out China
  • New mine exploration and development – current capacity and pipelined projects to 2023 and beyond
  • Feedstock balancing – what is the trade off between scrap and refined copper in the fabrication of wire rod, semis and brass mill products?
  • How does the availability of scrap compare with copper concentrate at copper smelters and refineries?
  • Copper utilisation – real use of refined copper and copper scrap in China and globally
Carlos Risopatron, Director Of Economics And Environment, International Copper Study Group
1:00PM Networking refreshment lunch
2:30PM Copper Scrap Panel – scraps growing role in the raw materials mix
  • Scrap availability and trade flows– how much scrap is currently in the market? Where is it available? Which countries/regions are dominating supply and consumption?
  • How will scrap dealers react to prolonged higher copper prices? How low would the price need to drop to see copper scrap tonnages retreat from the market?
  • What does increased scrap availability mean for cathode prices and premiums?
  • How will new Chinese scrap import policies affect the market?
  • How are primary and secondary copper supply interacting?
  • To what extent are we seeing an increase in the adoption and consumption of scrap in copper producer’s raw material procurement mix? What new regulations and environmental policies could drive the increased utilization of scrap?
  • Closing the loop – how feasible is a closed loop recycling of copper?
  • What innovations are improving the efficiency of secondary copper smelting? How are processes adapting to fluctuating material and alloy demands?
Moderator: Christian Schirmeister, Senior Client Liaison, AMT
Michael Lion, President, Lion Consulting Asia Ltd.
Murat Bayram, Director & Head Of European Non-Ferrous, EMR Ltd
Bernhard Franz Uldrian, Former Cco, Montanwerke Brixlegg
3:30PM Insider Brief - Circular Economy
Alfredo Aguilar, Chairman Task Force Bioeconomy, Member Of The Executive Board, European Federation of Biotechnology

Session III – Copper Prices: fundamentals and forecasts

4:30PM Copper Markets and Prices Panel – with survey results
  • What macro-economic forces are affecting the copper price? How are they likely to do so in the future?
  • Supply – how likely are we to see a copper concentrate deficit in the short-medium term?
  • Demand – China’s shifting policies on environmental sustainability, currency, lines of credit, and potential new infrastructure projects: what do they mean for copper demand? How is demand for copper likely to evolve globally? What are the potential drivers of upsides and downsides to copper growth?
  • Forecasting the copper price – where will prices stabilise? How sustainable are current prices?
  • Market fundamentals vs speculation – to what extent is the copper price diverging from physical market fundamentals?
  • Inventory levels and potential Chinese restocking – how high are inventories currently? What impact are inventory levels having on the copper price?
  • To what extent will we see investors returning to copper now that prices are improving? What would that mean for prices?
Moderator: Archie Hunter, Global Copper And Zinc Editor, Fastmarkets MB
Michael Widmer, Senior Director And Head Of Metals Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Boris Mikanikrezai, Research Metals And Strategy, Metal Bulletin
Oliver Nugent, Commodity Strategist, ING Bank

Day 2: Thursday, March 8, 2018

8:00AM Registration Desk Opens

Session IV – Refined Copper and Consumers: market headwinds and maximising margins

9:00AM Copper Consumers Panel – fabricators and semis producers
  • How is copper purchasing evolving? To what extent will copper scrap utilisation increase?
  • How are European copper producers adapting to the current market, environmental pressures, substitution threats and the shift towards an Asia driven end user market?
  • What effect will rising copper prices have on margins and end user demand?
  • Which product lines are under the most pressure? Why?
  • To what extent does a lack of harmonization and homogenisation of regulations, certificates and requirements in certain end user industries create and exacerbate the fragmentation of the copper fabricating market in Europe?
  • How feasible is market consolidation or a shift towards vertical integration?
  • How are copper products shifting to a bespoke, customer solution focus?
  • What processes innovations can help add value and improve products?

Marco Calamia, Head of Metal, KME Group

Panos Lolos, Commercial Director, Halcor
10:00AM China Copper: consumption and market hotspot analysis
  • Slow growth in consumption of copper in China – how has consumption of domestic and imported copper evolved?
  • How are traditional copper consuming sectors performing? What effect could growing sectors such as new energy vehicles have on demand?
  • What impact will new copper scrap import policies have on the copper supply market in China? What does it mean for domestic scrap copper supply?
  • How will environmental protection policies affect the scrap copper market?
Lu Ganping, General Manager, Jinrui Futures Co Ltd
10:30AM Networking refreshment break
11:00AM The Role of Copper in a Greener Economy
  • What role will copper play in the evolution and growth of renewable energy and electric vehicles?
  • How can copper products contribute to the decarbonization objectives of the European Union?
Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive, European Copper Institute
11:30AM Electric Vehicles – a road map to electrification
  • What policies and regulations are required to fulfil the EV targets in Europe?
  • What infrastructure is required to sustain EV based transportation? When and how will this infrastructure be developed?
  • How will vehicle manufacturers adapt their supply chain and procurement for EV materials?
  • How much copper could potentially be required to make the vehicles, batteries and infrastructure?
David Huguet, Electromobility, SEAT
12:00PM Role of Exchanges – how are exchanges supporting and advancing the copper industry?
  • Exchanges in action - facilitating physical trade, hedging, speculation and warehousing
  • New copper premiums and futures contracts are being offered?
  • How is exchange liquidity and tonnages evolving under new market pressures?
  • How influential are exchange stocks and volumes on the copper price?
  • LME – CME – SHFE - How do the different exchanges compare and interact?
Oscar Wehtje, Head of Product Development, London Metal Exchange
Lucy Shitova, Director Metals Products, CME Group
12:45PM Networking lunch and close of conference