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Agenda Overview

Pre-day: Sunday, November 11, 2018


12:00PM Registration desk opens

Registration desk opens and is open throughout the day 

South African Ferroalloys Summit

12:20PM Opening remarks
12:30PM The fundamentals: South African ferroalloys market in the spotlight
  • Understanding the recent government changes and its impact on the ferroalloys industry
  • How are currency movements affecting the ferroalloys and steel industry?
  • What are the costs of energy for miners?
  • Infrastructure: What are the current shortfalls and mismatches influencing the ferroalloys industry? 


Lara Smith, Managing Director, Core Consultants
1:00PM South Africa’s power industry: Plans for reliable distribution of electricity
  • Where does South Africa stand now with its energy solutions?
  • What attempts are being made to accelerate South Africa’s energy sector growth and development?
  • Sustainable energy developments: What are the opportunities and challenges?
Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult
1:30PM Networking break
2:30PM South Africa's manganese market overview
  • Production and export statistics for South Africa manganese ore
  • What are challenges and where are opportunities for growth for African manganese market?
  • Infrastructure: What have been the improvements and what are still shortfalls that continue to impact export potential?
Thembelani Gantsho, Joint Ceo, Kudumane Manganese Resources
3:00PM Chrome in the spotlight: Optimism for world’s largest reserves?
  • What is South Africa’s chromium and ferrochrome role on the global market?
  • Following political changes, is there renewed optimism to increase domestic production?
  • What are the challenges in bringing new ferrochrome production to the global market?
Dr Danko Konchar, Coo, Afarak Group
3:30PM End of South African Ferroalloys Summit

Football tournament

2:15PM Ferroalloys Premier Football Tournament

Are you the Ronaldo of the ferroalloys market? Want to be a part of the inaugural ferroalloys tournament?

This tournament gives you the opportunity to meet with clients and customers in a relaxed and competitive environment before the conference proceedings and score! Please register your interest with

Gathering at 14:15 at the registration desk. 

Or join our special South African Ferroalloys Summit (SAFA Summit). The summit will provide insights from experts on the South African market.


5:30PM Welcome Party

You are invited to our special Welcome Party!  

Come and enjoy free champagne, a live band, Formula1 simulator, a live caricaturist, great food, and find out who won the football tournament.


Day 1: Monday, November 12, 2018

Ferroalloys Run

7:00AM Ferroalloys running club

Join us as we start off the day with exercise and networking! Contact to register your interest.

Keynote presentations

8:45AM Opening remarks
9:00AM Ferroalloys outlook [live polling]
  • Market overview of each ferroalloy
  • Pricing trends of alloys and ores across regions
  • What will the ferroalloy price outlook be for upcoming year?
  • What are the international protectionism challenges facing the ferroalloys industry?
  • As China cleans up its act on environmental enforcement, how will the ferroalloy industry be affected?
  • Electric vehicles rise: Which alloys will be effected? What are the main concerns for the ferroalloys industry?
Amy Bennett, Senior Steel Editor, Principal Consultant, Fastmarkets MB
Christopher Kavanagh, Senior Pricing Reporter, Fastmarkets AMM
9:45AM How can ferro-alloys producers capture the digital opportunity?

A multitude of digital opportunities exist across the ferro-alloys value chain, with real opportunities for stepchanges in performance. Today, most ferro-alloy producers are experimenting with digital initiatives and use cases, but very few are able to successfully scale the digital transformation. 

The session will look deeper into how ferro-alloys producers can successfully scale a digital transformation


Michel van Hoey, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
10:05AM War over steel: Is there a new global trade landscape?
  • How is rise of protectionism evolving across the world?
  • How has global steel trade been affected?
  • Overview of concerns and risk protection guidance
10:30AM Morning networking break

How are the winds blowing in 2018?

11:00AM The future of metals trading
  • Digitalisation of commodity industries is progressing
  • Opportunities arising from inevitable trend


Sebastian Kreft, Managing Director, Metalshub
Frank Jackel, Managing Director, Metalshub
11:20AM Carbon steel overview
  • Market outlook for global steel industry
  • What are the growth trends for upcoming year?
Amy Bennett, Senior Steel Editor, Principal Consultant, Fastmarkets MB
11:40AM Stainless steel overview
  • Supply and demand dynamics outlook
  • What is the market forecasts and growth expectancy for upcoming year?
Robert Messmer, Market Analyst, SMR - Steel & Metals Market Research
12:00PM Executive interviews with ferroalloys leaders

Leading industry figures will be interviewed. Each will give their opinion about key issues facing the ferroalloys industry. 

Moderator: Amy Bennett, Senior Steel Editor, Principal Consultant, Fastmarkets MB
Mark Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Largo Resources
Barry Lazar, Ceo, MEDIMA
Wenzhang Wu, Chairman & President, Shanghai SteelHome
12:15PM Networking lunch break
1:25PM Sit down with Pat Ryan

Hear off the record knowledge from Pat Ryan. He will be sharing his view on the future for the ferroalloys industry in a casual interview setting. 

Moderator: Amy Bennett, Senior Steel Editor, Principal Consultant, Fastmarkets MB
1:45PM Potential of recycling of metal containing sludges
  • Consumption of metal (soft) scrap vs demand for raw materials
  • Resource efficiency
  • Closed-loop process
Filipe Costa, CEO, Cronimet Envirotec GmbH
2:15PM Effects of Chinese graphite electrodes disruption on world steel production
Prof. Dr Mark Shujun Ma Ph.D, Chairman & Ceo, CIMM GROUP CO LTD

Ferroalloys in the spotlight

2:45PM Refined FeMn to meet steel market development
  • Challenges and development in steel industry
  • Bulk HC FeMn turned into specific MC/LC products
  • Viable converter refining solution  
3:05PM Networking break
3:40PM Manganese industry overview
Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult
4:00PM Annual manganese panel
  • Overview of manganese supply and demand fundamentals 2018
  • How have recent regulations influenced the manganese industry?
  • What are the price activities and trends now and for 2019?
  • How is the increase in battery materials affecting the manganese sector?
Moderator: Aloys D'Harambure, Executive Director, International Manganese Institute
Thembelani Gantsho, Joint Ceo, Kudumane Manganese Resources
Joseph Green, Special Counsel, Kelley Drye & Warren
Pedro Larrea, CEO, Ferroglobe
Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult
4:45PM Chrome: What is happening in the industry?
  • Outlook of global supply and demand ferrochrome products
  • What are the regions for supply growth?
  • What does protectionism mean for the chrome industry? What are the risks for chrome contained raw materials in global markets?
  • Volatility in the chrome market: When will there be stability?
  • FX rate drop: What is the impact on the Industry and what consequences to expect from the market? 
Moderator: Jon Stibbs, Senior Pricing Reporter, Fastmarkets
Dr Danko Konchar, Coo, Afarak Group
Barry Lazar, Ceo, MEDIMA
Robert Yuksel Yildirim, President & Ceo, Yildirim Holding
Dmitry Pastour, CEO, UniChrome AG
5:30PM The future of nickel: Will battery demand take over a great part of market share?
  • How much nickel is produced in Philippines and Indonesia?
  • How will the nickel industry meet the growing supply demand for its battery use?
  • Will there be a negative impact on the stainless steel industry?
  • How are major miners reacting to the surge of sulphate demand?
  • Shall nickel producers find it harder to compete for higher-grade nickel?
Moderator: Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, Managing Director, DMM Advisory Group
Anil Shah, President, Ni-Met Metals
Mark Selby, President and CEO, RNC Minerals
Jerome Baudelet, Sales and Marketing Director Nickel Division, Eramet Nickel
Ricardo Ferreira, Director of Market Research & Statistics, International Nickel Study Group
6:15PM End of day one

All day bar closing at 18:30   

Day 2: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Morning networking opportunities

9:00AM Women in Ferroalloys breakfast meeting

Focus of this breakfast meeting: Making a business case for gender equality in the ferroalloys industry 


Approximately 10% of the global mining industry workforce is made up of women. We believe this needs to change.

There are many benefits to greater gender diversity for all organizations, especially for the mining industry. 

During this special breakfast meeting, we will have guest speakers from across the industry presenting their business cases for great gender equality in the mining industry. 


Topics to be discussed include:

  • Which active policies to recruit and retain women can mining companies put in place? 
  • How can mining companies empower individuals (specifically women) to drive greater performance and career progression? 
  • How can mining companies elevate women to leadership positions? 

Everybody is welcome to come for breakfast and share their ideas. 


Moderator: Amy Bennett, Senior Steel Editor, Principal Consultant, Fastmarkets MB
Lara Smith, Managing Director, Core Consultants
Jelena Manojlovic, Chairmen Of Board, Afarak Group
Mafalda Oliveira, Geologist, Neves Corvo (Lundin Mining Corporation)
Teresa Burguete, Mining Engineer, Independent Consultant

Minor Metals Module

9:00AM Pricing and Fastmarkets MB minor metals profile
  • Overview of Fastmarkets MB minor metals profile and prices
  • Which minor metals will see growth trends for upcoming year?
  • How have Chinese inspections continue to influence the minor metals industry?
Ewa Manthey, Correspondent, Fastmarkets MB
9:20AM Manganese flakes in the spotlight
  • How do Chinese environmental inspections disrupt the Chinese manganese flake market?
  • Are future production disruptions to be expected?
  • How has the supply squeeze influenced the global steel market?
  • Will prices continue to rise?
  • How are the selenium prices affected by this development?


Arnaud Vigier, Vice-President Manganese Alloys Sales, ERAMET COMILOG MANGANESE
9:50AM Disruption and challenges: Examining the cobalt supply chain and price curves
  • What are short-term and long-term challenges for the cobalt industry?
  • Scarcity of cobalt supply: Are the concerns unfounded?
  • Understanding how cobalt playing a major role in development of future EV batteries
  • Superalloys, magnets and heavy industries: Will they need to compete for supply with battery makers?
  • How are the worries about supply shortages affecting cobalt prices?
Charlotte Radford, Senior Pricing Reporter And Battery Raw Materials Team Leader, Fastmarkets MB
10:15AM Q&A with Minor Metal Experts

Ferroalloys roundtable discussions

10:30AM Ferrosilicon, silicon metal and renewables roundtable

Lou Parous to present first to kick off the roundtable discussion.

  • What is the impact of new Chinese PV policies on the silicon market?
  • How has the industry been affected by aluminium tariffs?
  • What are the implication of trade laws on silicon and solar industry?
  • Renewable energy sector: What are silicon’s uses and growth opportunities?


Louis Parous, Executive Director, Viridis.iQ GmbH
Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult
11:15AM Vanadium roundtable
  • How have global trading sanctions affecting sales and consumption?
  • For how long will the high prices be sustainable?
  • Will there be growth for ferrovanadium within automotive battery and steel components?
Mark Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Largo Resources
Christopher Kavanagh, Senior Pricing Reporter, Fastmarkets AMM
12:00PM Molybdenum roundtable
  • How much capacity and consumption is there globally? How much molybdenum is sources from by-product and scrap?
  • What are recent molybdenum supply and demand dynamics in the steel and stainless steel industry?
  • What have been the major factors affecting the price for molybdenum?
Barry Lazar, Ceo, MEDIMA
Charlotte Radford, Senior Pricing Reporter And Battery Raw Materials Team Leader, Fastmarkets MB
1:00PM Lunch and end of International Ferroalloys Conference