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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

8:00AM Registration opens
8:45AM Chair’s opening remarks
Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, Managing Partner, DMM Advisory Group

SESSSION 1 - Industry trends: market dynamics, pricing and outlook

9:00AM Producer panel: market trends and emerging challenges and opportunities for nickel producers
  • Producer perspectives on the outlook for the rest of 2019 – what factors could impact nickel’s performance? 
  • How are nickel producers responding to projected demand for battery grade nickel?
  • With all eyes on Indonesia, how will other nickel producers be able to compete if the nickel sulphate production efforts are successful?      
  • How have producers been faring in the current price environment?  How do prices need to change to incentivise new investments in production?
  • Examining nickel production costs and determinants for impacting these costs
Moderator: Clive M Whittington, Managing Director, C.M.Whittington & Associates Ltd.
Alex Khodov, Principal Nickel Market Analyst, MMC Norilsk Nickel
Barry Jackson, Principal Market Analysis, AngloAmerican Marketing Ltd
Frank Nikolic, Manager, Market Intelligence, Vale Canada Limited
10:00AM Pricing panel: outlook for nickel pricing and potential pricing shifts to prepare for
  • Examining the drivers for the current low price environment:
    • Macro instability caused by global trade disputes
    • Uncertainty over supply levels
    • Lack of hard evidence of the EV boom
  • When could prices tighten?  Should the market be preparing for increased pricing volatility?
  • How is underlying demand for stainless steel, non-stainless applications and batteries influencing nickel prices?
  • Could a bifurcated pricing mechanism of Class 1 nickel vs Class 2 nickel emerge?
  • To what extent could developments in Indonesia determine future pricing for nickel?
  • Examining the raw material costs of nickel ore and how a price shift could impact nickel’s end price
  • Exploring how the decline in cobalt pricing could impact nickel
Moderator: Amy Hinton, Price Reporter - Base Metals, Fastmarkets MB
Oliver Nugent, Commodity Strategist, Citi
Colin Hamilton, Managing Director and Commodities Analyst, BMO
11:00AM Morning networking break
11:45AM Update from the International Nickel Study Group
  • Global nickel production and end-user consumption
  • Updates on the latest nickel project developments
  • Potential new projects in the pipeline, mine closures and online projects across member countries
Ricardo Ferreira, Director of Market Research & Statistics, International Nickel Study Group
12:15PM Update on LME warehouse stock levels and trading activity
  • Examining warehouse stock levels
  • Presenting the new TAS (trade at settlement) functionality for nickel and the electronic closing price trial: what does this mean for nickel pricing and trading?
  • Other trading developments impacting the nickel and stainless steel industry
Alberto Xodo, VP Sales, LME
12:45PM Networking lunch
2:15PM Risk management strategies for stainless steel mills and the nickel industry
  • What should the industry standard be in identifying your metal risks?
  • How should nickel producers and stainless steel mills be managing risks covering their transactions and inventory exposures?
  • Explainable, accurate and timely exposure reporting
  • Effective price risk management for metals of the alloy surcharges
Robert Fig, Managing Director, Robert Fig Limited

SESSION 2 – Scrap & scrap recycling

2:45PM Scrap: meeting demand for stainless steel and innovations in scrap recycling
  • Overview of the global stainless steel scrap market and outlook for scrap availability
  • How is the scrap industry responding to the growing demand for Class 1 nickel in the light of the EV boom?
  • Hard scrap recycling vs. soft scrap recycling
    • Why recycle soft scrap and how to do it?
    • What does the soft scrap market look like, and where will the future supply of soft scrap come from?
Filipe Costa, CEO, Cronimet Envirotec GmbH
3:15PM Afternoon networking break

SESSION 3 – Batteries

3:45PM EVs and energy storage systems: growth projections and the implications for nickel
  • Demand forecasts for EVs and energy storage systems, and how these are linked to battery demand
  • Examining current adoption levels – which countries are leading the way, and why?
  • Identifying the critical factors for driving or impeding demand and widescale adoption:
    • Government policy on renewable energies and carbon emissions: examining government policy in different markets and how successfully this has driven market development
    • Production costs for batteries – how to reduce costs whilst still meeting high energy density needs?
    • Development of battery technologies and investment in R&D
    • Availability of recharging infrastructure
    • Consumer take-up and end cost to the consumer
  • How is the nickel industry responding to these new growth opportunities?
Moderator: Perrine Faye, Global Base Metals Editor, Metal Bulletin
Thomas Höhne-Sparborth, Senior Economic Analyst, Roskill Information Services
Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company
4:45PM Chair’s closing remarks
5:00PM End of day one and networking reception

Day 2: Thursday, June 6, 2019

8:30AM Registration opens

SESSION 4 – The EV Revolution: Auto & Batterymaker Perspectives

9:15AM Insights from the automotive industry on the EV revolution and the role of nickel
  • Roadmap of the EV market:
    • Separating hype from reality – update on the current status of global hybrid and EV sales
    • Forecast of passenger car electrification by technology and region/major market
  • Which automotive manufacturers are pioneering EV development?
  • Automotive strategies for EV product development and rollout:
    • What are the key challenges for developing EVs vs. internal combustion engines and how are they being overcome?
  • Perspectives from automakers on the role for nickel in EVs
Moderator: Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, Managing Partner, DMM Advisory Group
Frank G. Rieck MSc, Applied Research Professor, Smart e-Mobility, Rotterdam University of Applied Science & Automotive Centre of Expertise; Vice President, AVERE
Al Bedwell, Director, Global Powertrain, LMC Automotive

SESSION 5 - Focus on Indonesia, China, Philippines

10:00AM NPI, stainless steel and HPAL update from Indonesia – will Indonesia lead the global stage in production?
  • Overview of NPI and stainless steel production:
    • Is Indonesia set to become a global centre for stainless steel production?
    • What is the competitive advantage of Indonesia and what are the implications for stainless producers globally?
    • Will the Philippines follow suit in NPI and stainless?
    • What is the future of nickel ore exports from Indonesia?  What will happen in 2022 when exports are expected to cease again?
  • HPAL investments in Indonesia for the battery industry
    • When are projects likely to come online and at what capex?
    • What obstacles still need to be overcome?
  • Overview of Indonesia’s dominant role in future growth
    • What is Indonesia’s future role in global nickel supply?
    • Risks and opportunities for the global nickel, stainless and battery industries
Jim Lennon, Commodities Strategy Consultant, Macquarie Bank Ltd
10:45AM Morning networking break
11:15AM Trends and developments in China’s nickel and stainless steel market
  • Stainless steel consumption, demand forecasts and end-user trends in China
  • Examining recent policy changes, incentives and tax reliefs introduced by the Chinese government to stimulate demand
  • Overcapacity: how is China’s 5-year plan to cut capacity playing out, and how is this impacting global demand?   
Alistair Ramsay, Head of Research, Fastmarkets
11:45AM Philippines: update on production and output
  • Update and forecast for nickel ore export volumes from the Philippines
  • Examining how the Philippines nickel mining industry is affected by Indonesia
  • Update on the Philippines’ mining regulations
Koichi Ishihara, Vice President - Marketing and Procurement, Nickel Asia Corporation
12:15PM Looking ahead: Case studies on new project developments and acquisitions

Case studies on the Araguaia ferro-nickel project and the Vermelho nickel-cobalt project in Brazil:

  • Project overviews
  • Process technology and production capacity
  • Project development timeline
Jeremy Martin, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Horizonte Minerals
12:45PM Close of conference and networking lunch