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Draft Agenda

*This is a draft agenda and subject to change* 


Pre-day conference 

16:30:   Registration desk opens 

17:00    Welcome drinks reception: 
Let’s kick off the networking in style. Come and enjoy a drink and some canapés and catch up with old and new friends. 

Main conference - Day One 

Opening remarks

Keynote opening panel discussion: How long will the industry remain bearish? 
⦁    Cutting production, oversupply and sluggish GDP: for how long will the industry remain bearish? 
⦁    An uncertain trade environment: How are macro trends dominating the trade sector? 
⦁    How is the industry dealing with scrap flow?  
⦁    How are the declining European car sales effecting the secondary aluminium sector?
⦁    Chinese ban on scrap imports: How is this continuing to influence scrap trade globally?

Looking to the future: Can regulatory emissions demand targets be met? 
⦁    How should the industry adapt to the European directive on carbon admissions? 
⦁    What major issues will secondary producers face to meet the demand targets? 
⦁    Market move to hybrid vehicles: What is the future of 226? 

Morning coffee break 

Is primary overtaking secondary aluminium?
⦁    What are the key global factors driving strategies for aluminium producers?
⦁    Chinese aluminium markets: a closer look at supply and demand dynamics
⦁    Is global demand slowing down? How might this influence the recycled aluminium industry? 
⦁    How is the ‘green aluminium’ movement supporting the scrap market? 

The three Ps: Products, prices and places
⦁    Pricing trends of alloys across Europe, North America and China
⦁    Which products have noticeable developments?
⦁    Price forecasts for 2020 

Chinese recycling industry and its global impact
⦁    Demand trends for recycled alloy in China
⦁    Automotive: how much growth is expected for use of recycled alloys for Electric Vehicles? 
⦁    How is the ‘trade war’ influencing the scrap imports?  

Networking lunch break

What are the latest developments on sorting technologies for aluminium scrap? 
⦁    A closer look at sorting technologies for scrap
⦁    What are the future sorting technologies being developed to support the scrap industry?

Can recycling technologies: New innovations? 
⦁    Latest trends in can recycling
⦁    How to optimize the continuous quest for recycling rates for cans?

Panel: What are the current and future trends affecting the packaging market?
⦁    What is the relationship between aluminium packaging and consumers?
⦁    A closer look at consumer awareness of packaging and how this is influencing packaging companies 
⦁    Opportunities for aluminium packaging industry to change consumer behaviour and reduce food waste?

End of day one 

Main conference – Day Two

Opening remarks

What are the potentials for aircraft aluminium material recycling? 
⦁    What happens with aircrafts that are at the end of ‘their’ life? 
⦁    Current challenges in aircraft recycling and aircraft waste management 
⦁    Is the airplane industry given enough incentives to recycle? 
⦁    What will the future look like for aircraft recycling? 

Automotive sector struggles and future challenges in meeting the CO2 regulatory targets 
⦁    What will the interim period between ICE vehicles and EVs look like? 
⦁    What are the consequences on suppliers of the low production volumes automotive sector?
⦁    Sector developments: Can the lower CO2 emissions targets of the European Union be achieved on time? 
⦁    Recyclability of the electric vehicle batteries: What might the future look like? 

Why have US auto figures strengthened while sales are depressed elsewhere?
⦁    What are the latest trends for the North American scrap market?
⦁    Too much scrap: What will happen to the access scrap next year? 
⦁    How will the automotive industry change and what should the secondary aluminium scrap industry expect? 

Networking break 

Panel: How to prepare for future car scrap?
⦁    Will there be a substitute for diesel engines? Will the secondary sector be able to change to future Electric Vehicle demand?
⦁    End of life vehicles: How to get the most out of vehicle recycling? 
⦁    Closing the loops: How can more sorting of the scrap be encouraged so more parts of the cars can be recycled? 
⦁    How will the advent of hybrid vehicles impact the secondary aluminium market? 
⦁    Dismantling of cars: is there a best way for it?  
⦁    Replacing steel: What are the competing materials?
⦁    Import and export bans: What is the impact on the North American scrap market?

Roundtable discussions 
Take part in the debate led by an industry expert during roundtables knowledge sharing sessions

Setup: there will be 6 roundtables sessions each lasting 45 minutes. Pick the topic you’re most interested in and join the table for the discussion. 

Table 1: Primary aluminium industry 

Table 2: Sorting technologies 

Table 3: Secondary aluminium pricing  

Table 4: Chinese tariffs, categories and implications for the secondary aluminium industry 

Table 5: Automotive industry and its future relationship with aluminium 

Table 6: Packaging and sustainability for the future 

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