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Event Overview

The International Stainless & Special Steel is moving to Seville for 2019!

This year as always you can meet the leading players from across the whole supply chain, from raw materials producers to end-users, and make those connections to drive your business in 2019 and beyond.

Topics that we'll be looking at this year include:

Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence

  • Is a digital integration of the supply chain from the mill to the end user a powerful tool to protect the European industry from growing pressure from Asian mills?
  • Is digitalization and industry 4.0 a chance to bring back manufacturing into Europe?
  • How is digitalization changing the distribution of stainless steel?
  • What separates Industry 4.0 from Industry 3.0?
  • How big should it be to be called “big data”?
  • How can we ensure cyber-security?
  • How much AI will affect the whole industry as well as personal lifestyle?
  • What will happen if Internet-of-Things gets combined with 5G?
  • What are the obstacles for quick implementation of digital solutions?
  • Impact of digitalization on workforce – from steel worker to IT specialist?
  • Productivity enhancement potentials in STS production

Stainless & Special Steel – Trends & Outlook

  • 2019: Just a bump or a structural downturn
  • Global Trends & Outlook – Market Drives and Inhibitors in 2019
  • Cost pressures on STS producers (electrodes, refractories, labour, gases, etc.)
  • Protectionism everywhere – impact on global trade flows
  • The impact of protectionism on offshoring of STS products (fittings, appliances etc.)
  • Trends in premium special- and stainless steel segments?
  • Is 3D printing a risk for forged products and castings?

End Use Segments

  • Where do we stand in the business cycle?
  • Recovery of oil & gas – do we see a renaissance of offshore drilling?
  • Has the Chemical Process Industry recovered?
  • Electricity as ‘new oil’ – when will we see long neglected investments in the power generation sector?
  • Transformation to sustainable mobility?
  • New mobility concepts, implications for special steel products
  • Opportunities for stainless steel in fuel cells
  • New – and beautiful - Applications for STS in architecture, building & construction
  • Re-bars – finally ready for takeoff

Raw Materials - Chrome

  • Cr consolidation in South Africa vs. expansion in China – what is up next?
  • New Cr Smelters: are we heading into oversupply?
  • Will Zimbabwe come back stronger than ever in Chrome?
  • Electricity shortage in South Africa – implications on the Cr market
  • Opportunities for utility stainless steels: 3Cr12 and other similar grades
  • FeCr Price outlook for the next quarters


Raw Materials - Nickel

  • Tsingshan – the Uber of the stainless steel industry?
  • Can environmental regulation stop the success of 4-in-1 production systems?
  • Ni deficit or surplus in 2018 and 2019 (supply/demand)?
  • Will NPI completely replace Class I Ni?
  • Scenarios for Ni in Batteries - which will be the winning technology?
  • Is the LME / SHFE becoming obsolete? New pricing models for Ni
  • The Ni and STS ramp-up in Indonesia
  • Factors that could slow down ramp-up in Indonesia
  • Another round of environmental inspections in China – a danger to raw material supply?

Stainless Steel Scrap and other Raw Materials

  • Outlook for scrap availability
  • Future stainless steel scrap pricing - a chance to stay competitive against 4-in-1?
  • De-coupling the 18-8 scrap price from the LME – Possibility or fiction?
  • New stainless steel scrap business models?
  • How can the recycling ratio be lifted, especially in China and Asia?
  • Is ‘clean stainless’ possible without scrap?
  • Recycling of soft scrap and industrial sludges
  • Trade barriers for stainless steel scrap – status quo and outlook
  • Rising Mo prices due to lower output of by-product mines?
  • Will oil & gas recover and drive Mo demand?

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