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Agenda Overview

Day One: Monday, October 26, 2020

10:00AM Executive Panel: View from the Majors
  • How have the lithium producers adapted to the evolving lithium market to meet the long-term demand?
  • Challenges and opportunities of the lithium supply chain arising from the rapid growth of the industry
  • Impact of regulatory frameworks on lithium producers
  • Commoditisation and standardisation of lithium compounds
  • Lithium-ion battery market, key opportunities and challenges for lithium?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted the lithium industry? Will we see any long term changes because of this?
Moderator: William Adams, Head of Base Metals and Battery Research, Fastmarkets
Tina Craft, Chief Commercial Officer, Albemarle Corporation
Walter Czarnecki, Chief Commercial Officer, Livent
Alejandro Bucher, Vice President Technology & Sustainability., SQM
11:00AM Networking Break
11:30AM Panel: Lithium Pricing & Products
  • What forces outside of pure supply & demand are currently driving the lithium price?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of current lithium pricing methods?
  • What challenges are faced by exchanges looking to develop benchmarked price contracts
  • What cost curves has the industry seen since last year, and what does the future hold?
  • Where will the lithium price go in the new decade?
William Adams, Head of Base Metals and Battery Research, Fastmarkets
Dalila Ouerghi, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
Daniel Jimenez, Partner, iLi Markets
12:15PM Lithium Cost Curves
Rodney Hooper, Consultant and co-host of the lithium-ion Rocks. podcast, RK Equity
12:45PM Lithium Off-Take Agreements

- A look into the current trends regarding off-take agreements in the lithium industry

- What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation?

Daniel Jimenez, Partner, iLi Markets
1:15PM Responsible Sourcing in the Lithium Industry

- How does responsible sourcing in the lithium market work in practice?

- Will the emergence of technologies such as blockchain improve this?

- What demands are being put in place by OEMs in regards to responsible lithium?

1:45PM Networking Break
2:30PM Financing a Strong Lithium Project
Howard Klein, Partner, RK Equity
3:00PM Panel: Bull or Bear? An Investors View on Lithium Markets
  • Hear from key lithium investors how they assess the current lithium market and its attractiveness as an investment opportunity
  • How important will benchmark pricing be for investors in the lithium industry?
  • What strategies are investors using to maximise value in lithium markets, e.g. using royalties & streaming over
  • How can lithium benefit from the ESG revolution in finance? Will there be greater access to capital?
Moderator: Jon Hykawy, President & Director, Stormcrow Capital
Mackenzie Davis, Managing Director, Partner, SailingStone Capital
Ian Laurent, Director of Metals and Mining, BNP Paribas
Ernie Ortiz, President, LRC
3:45PM Networking Break
4:00PM Supporting Green Lithium Production

- How are lithium producers and refiners ensuring that their operations are in line with new ESG guidelines?

- What steps have Albemarle taken to ensure sustainability in their operations?

4:30PM CO2 Impact of the Battery Quality Lithium Hydroxide Supply Chain
5:00PM Networking Break
5:30PM Guided Tour: Standard Lithium's El Dorado Facility
6:00PM Government Presentation: Supporting Lithium Markets in Australia
  • How is the Australian government supporting lithium production and processing?
  • What plans are being made to for upstream developments in Australia?
Jessica Robinson, General Manager - Critical Resources Facilitation Office, Government of Australia
6:30PM Panel: Lithium Down Under
  • How can the Australian market adjust in the current conditions? Have they been impacted the hardest in light of COVID-19?
  • How can Australia increase their competitive position within the global supply chain?
  • What does the future hold for carbonate/hard rock?
Robin Macaskill, Wave International Pty Ltd
Ken Brinsden, Managing Director, Pilbara Minerals Limited
7:15PM End of Day One

Day Two: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

10:00AM Keynote Presentation: How the Federal Government is Supporting the Lithium Industry
  • With numerous projects in North America, and two of the largest producers head quartered in the United States, what is the American Opportunity for Lithium?
  • With dramatic shifts on the horizon for the lithium supply chain, how can North America seize this opportunity?
  • How is the federal government supporting lithium production and the battery supply chain?
  • With a significant position in the Tier One battery share, how can America drive the EV market forward?
Mark Pituch, Senior Energy Officer, Bureau of Energy Resources, Department of State, US Government
10:30AM Panel: The American Opportunity
  • While South America and China dominate the current lithium supply chain, what role can North America play in the future supply chain?
  • What investment opportunities can be found in North America?
  • How can America become the focal part of the battery supply chain?
  • What steps must governments take to ensure this?
Dan Blondal, CEO, Nano One Materials Corp
11:15AM Networking Break
11:45AM Panel: Developments in the European Battery Value Chain
  • What impact will the EU’s ambitious plans have on the European Battery value chain?
  • With a significant market share on end users, what role does Europe play as a market for Lithium?
  • How is Europe placed in the global lithium market?
Moderator: Ryan Hanrahan, Director, Wave International
Sharon Mustri, Battery Metal Analyst, BloombergNEF
Matti Hietanen, CEO, Finnish Minerals Group
12:30PM Networking Break
1:00PM Government Presentation: Argentina
Victor Javier Delbuono, Coordinator of Statistics and Economic Research, Secretariat of Mining Policy, Government of Argentina
1:30PM Government Presentation: Chile
2:00PM Panel: Inside the Lithium Triangle
  • What are the key trends in production in South America?
  • How have permitting rules influenced the amount of new projects? Are these fit for purpose?
  • What challenges face South American production?
Waldo Perez, CEO, NeoLithium
2:45PM Networking Break
3:00PM Li-ion Battery Supply Chain Vulnerability
  • What vulnerabilities has COVID-19 exposed to us in regards to the Li-ion supply chain?
  • Will there be continued over reliance on China as both producer & consumer?
  • Do governments need to do more to protect their countries’ industries?
  • What future powerhouses could emerge?
Moderator: Emily Hersh, Managing Partner, DCDB Group
Maria Ines Ulla, Project Controller, Galaxy Rescources
Chris Berry, Founder, House Mountain Partners
3:45PM Roundtable: Applying Membrane Chemistry and Detailing the Impact to the Bottom Line of Lithium Processes
  • Suez will use this roundtable to provide education on the basic chemistry concepts around membranes (NF, RO, UF) and the chemistry of low, medium and high solution concentrations. Additionally we would detail the impact of using membranes to the bottom line for lithium processors.
John Peichel, Global Market Developer, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
4:30PM Networking Break
5:00PM Rapid Extraction Technologies: the Trade-Off Between Project Risk & Economic Reward

- What project risks are posed by incorporating a proprietary technology into your flowsheet?

- How much capital can be saved by replacing ponds with a rapid extraction technology?

- How does use of a rapid extraction technology effect project cashflow?

Zachary Loewenthal, Process Engineer, Hatch
5:30PM Panel: Does DLE Matter?

- Exploring the past, present and future of direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology with an operator, a designer, a developer and an investor of DLE tech & projects.

Moderator: Alexander Grant, Partner, Jade Cove Partners
Dana Graves, Director of Technology, Livent
David Deak, President, Marbex LLC
Mark Machado, Process Engineer, Hatch
6:15PM End of Day Two

Day Three: Wednesday, October 28, 2020

10:00AM A New Decade for Lithium: An Economist's Perspective

- The new decade has begun in tumultuous fashion, but what do forecasts suggest for the lithium market in the next 10 years?

- What lessons can be learnt from the previous decade?

Daniela Desormeaux, Gerente General , SignumBox
10:30AM China's Lithium Supply & Demand Dynamics

- Different logic between China and lithium market outside of market (commodity vs. speciality chemical)

- Taking a closer look at WA concentrate, China lithium salt capacity/output and China cathode and battery output.

- Hard-rock or brine? Looking at Qinghai output, cost curve, product quality and Capex

Jingwen Sun, Assistant Director - Equity Research, Minmetals Securities
11:00AM Chinese Lithium Chemical Converters Now & Their Future Global Impact

- Chinese hardrock converters by 2018 utilized approximately 60% of global lithium supply.

- A cost breakdown of the Chinese converter/refiners will be discussed along with an understanding of their technical evolution. These key factors directly impact the raw material value.

- Coupling this cost and technical review to a global market view will provide a unique insight into the potential impact of Chinese converters on the future global value chain, including raw materials and product pricing.

Sunny Huang, Engagement manager, Advisory China, Hatch
11:30AM Networking Break
12:00PM Downstream Market Developments
  • The past year has seen numerous announcements of largescale investment downstream, how will these new giga/megafactory facilities alter the landscape for batteries?
  • Where has the greatest investment come from globally? How has each geographic region ramped up its production of batteries?
  • Is the current ramp up in development enough to match the current demand forecasts?
James Frith, Associate, Energy Storage, Bloomberg
12:30PM The Future of Mobility: Trucks, Buses & Scooters

- What are the latest developments of electrification in major cities?

- Regulator pushes for developments around the world

- What challenges does this sector face?

- How do these li-ion batteries differ to EVs?

Kevin Riddell, Senior Manager, Americas Powertrain Forecasting, LMC Automotive
1:00PM Networking Break
2:00PM Developments in Li-ion Batteries & the Tesla Battery Day
  • Has there been a shift away from NCM811 to other chemistries?
  • What benefits does LFP hold over nickel rich batteries?
  • How will the new developments impact sustainability in batteries? For instance the reduction in reliance of cobalt?
  • What impact will the announcements during Tesla's Battery Day have on the market? Were there any surprises?
Moderator: Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company
Jon Hykawy, President & Director, Stormcrow Capital
Cormac O'Laoire, Managing Director, Electrios Energy
Chloe Holzinger, Senior Analyst, IHS Markit
3:00PM Networking Break
3:30PM Nano One: Long Lasting Cathode Breakthrough

- A presentation on Nane One Materials’ breakthrough regarding a long life single crystal cathode.

- An update on future developments of this new technology and what it means for batteries.

Stephen Campbell, Chief Technology Officer, Nano One Materials Corp
4:00PM Solid State Batteries: The Key to the Energy Transition
Dean Frankel, Strategic Business Development, Solid Power
4:30PM Next Generation Automotive Battery Roadmap
  • When will innovative technologies, such as high-nickel cathodes and solid-state batteries, be adopted in commercial vehicles?
  • What is the cost forecast for cells with NMC, NCA, and LFP cathodes?
  • How will next-generation technologies impact these cell cost forecasts?
Chloe Holzinger, Senior Analyst, IHS Markit