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Agenda Overview

Field trip: Wednesday, March 21, 2018

10:00AM Field Trip

Join us for a tour to Glencore's Britannia Refined Metals, an hour from London! 

More information here

Day 1: Thursday, March 22, 2018

7:15AM Running Club

Join us as we start off the day with exercise and networking! A nice morning run along the Thames to see some amazing London landmarks.

Contact to register your interest. 

8:00AM Registration desk opens
9:00AM Opening remarks

Plenary held in conjunction with 10th World Lead Conference 

Perrine Faye, Global Base Metals Editor, Metal Bulletin
9:10AM Welcome address
Florian Von Steinkeller, Managing Director, Britannia Refined Metals

Supply chain dynamics

9:30AM A bullish or bearish future?

The Markets Panel – the experts share and compare views.         

  • Are current prices sustainable?
  • How do zinc and lead prices affect each other? Which factors influence their performance?
  • How high must prices reach to incentivise new supply?
  • What is the global politico-economic picture and its implications for the industry’s health?
  • Where are the major consuming areas?
  • Understanding arbitrage trading in China
Moderator: Archie Hunter, Global Copper And Zinc Editor, Fastmarkets MB
Colin Hamilton, Managing Director- Commodities Research, BMO Capital Markets
Max Layton, Managing Director and Head of Commodities Research, Citi Group
Michael Widmer, Senior Director And Head Of Metals Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Nicholas Snowdon, Metals Analyst, Deutsche Bank
10:30AM Coffee break
11:00AM China: Understanding supply and demand dynamics
  • How is the supply and demand balance evolving for the zinc and lead industry?
  • Mine closures and increased environmental inspections: What are the consequences for the Chinese mining industry and the global supply and demand balance?
  • Will China invest more in secondary lead capacity?
Claire Hassall, Principal, CHR Metals Ltd
11:30AM How fast is the mining industry growing?
  • Assessing the timeframe of mine projects on the drawing board.
  • A closer look at driving industries for consumption. 
  • How are environmental regulations taken into consideration in realizing a mining project?
Joao Jorge, Director of Market Research and Statistics, International Lead & Zinc Study Group
12:00PM Assessing the global industries

Senior executives examine and discuss global industry challenges and strategy

  • How strong are zinc’s fundamentals in comparison to other base metals?
  • What is the impact of zinc mine closures on the primary production of lead?
  • How much production capacity is in the pipeline in the near future? How quickly will their markets respond to new supply?
  • Will secondary sources become more important in future supply and demand dynamics?
  • Is the demand side expected to grow in 2018?
  • Are zinc and lead’s fundamentals strong enough to attract investment?
  • How are environmental policies influencing the future development of the metal and manufacturing industries?
Moderator: Huw Roberts, Director, CHR Metals Ltd
Nick Clarke, Executive Chairman, Central Asia Metals
Clara Chan, Vice Chairman and CEO, Lee Kee Group
David Stein, Managing Director, Aerecura Capital Corp
12:45PM Discussion on risk management: Mitigating exposure

Four experts sharing their expertise on how to manage risks in the base metal industry.               

  • Exploring the impact of uncertain factors such as price volatility, governmental upheaval, war and natural disasters on the base metal industry.
  • Outlining possible risks of these matters on the base metal market – particularly relating to zinc and lead and how to manage the risk.
  • What strategies can be adapted by producers, traders and end-users to mitigate these risks?
Moderator: Michael Lockwood, President, Commodity Risk Control
Darren Goldstein, Consultant, RKH Specialty Risk Solutions
Rupert Sawyer, Divisional Director Cargo & Stock Throughput, RKH Specialty Risk Solutions
Robert Fig, Managing Director, Robert Fig Ltd
Oliver Nugent, Commodity Strategist, ING Bank
1:15PM Lunch

End of plenary held in conjunction with 10th World Lead Conference 

Zinc mining regions to watch

3:00PM Bolivia and its mining ambitions
  • An overview of Bolivian zinc mining production and capacity.
  • Funding mine growth, off-take agreements and the potential for increased exports.
  • How is the Bolivian government aiding the development of its smelters community?
Hector Cordova, Former Ceo, Comibol
3:30PM Technology to optimize implementation time
  • How does Outotec’s latest technology reduce delivery time?
  • How to minimize time consumption and expensive site work.
  • Success stories to be presented and discussed.
Tuomas Hirsi, Senior Business Development Manager, Outotec (Finland) Oy
4:00PM Refreshment break

Session II: Brass as a key end use for zinc

4:30PM Brass sector under the microscope
  • How is the brass industry coping with the high zinc and copper price?
  • Is there growth and where?
  • What is driving purchase decisions for brass producers?
Marco Calamia, Chief Metal Officer, KME Group Spa
5:00PM Close of day 1
5:45PM Leave hotel for drinks party at the LME Trading Ring

Day 2: Friday, March 23, 2018

8:00AM Registration desk opens
8:45AM Opening remarks
9:00AM The global steel market and its impact on zinc demand
  • How much zinc is being consumed in the traditional marketplaces of Europe, North America and Japan?
  • Will the merger between Tata Steel and Thyssenkrupp have major implications for the European galvanized steel market?
  • How much galvanized steel is consumed in China? Where is supply coming from?
  • How will the expected slower growth of steel demand in China impact the zinc industry? 
Marina Maliushkina, Senior Analyst And Editor Of Mbr'S Steel Tracker, Metal Bulletin

Market trends in batch galvanizing

9:30AM In-depth: Supply & demand dynamics

Short presentation to introduce the current galvanizing industry, its challenges and opportunities.

This presentation is followed by a panel discussion.

Geoff Crowley, Development Director, Highland Colour Coaters
9:45AM Panel discussion on latest trends in batch galvanizing
  • How are higher zinc prices affecting demand?
  • How is the galvanizing sector dealing with the challenge of substitution and thinner coatings?
  • Technological developments in galvanizing and potential impact on zinc use. 
  • What are the challenges in becoming more sustainable for the galvanizing industry?
  • How do hot-dip galvanizers need to adapt to change their environmental footprint? What are the benefits and the costs?
Moderator: Julian Luk, Reporter, Fastmarkets MB
Lars Baumgurtel, Managing Partner, Zinq Voigt & Schweitzer
Geoff Crowley, Development Director, Highland Colour Coaters
10:15AM Coffee break

Zinc application focus in architecture and batteries

10:45AM Galvanizing in architecture
  • Marketing galvanizing in UK & Ireland
  • Galvanizing and the construction industry
  • Architectural uses of galvanizing
Iqbal Johal, Marketing Manager, Galvanizers Association
11:15AM Promising renewable energy technologies
  • What is the latest innovation: comparing zinc-nickel batteries to lead-acid batteries?
  • Where is the potential for zinc and its battery technology to become a key player within the energy storage market?
  • What are the benefits of zinc batteries in comparison to lead-acid and other batteries? For which industries? What are its future prospects?
Craig Wilkins, Founder of ZAF Energy Systems, ZAF Energy Systems

Zinc taking stock of its markets

11:45AM Zinc market outlook: The Metal Bulletin insight
  • An overview of zinc prices of 2017
  • Prediction for 2018
  • Price curve in several geological areas (Europe, Asia and South America)
Andy Farida, Commodities Research Analyst, Metal Bulletin Ltd
12:15PM Wrapping up: Zinc market trends

  • How are end-user margins influenced by the high price? Are prices being passed on to consumers or absorbed in margins?
  • How high do prices need to be before substitution occurs? In which applications can zinc be substituted?  Is volatility the greatest challenge?
  • How is the deficit market impacting on premiums? 
  • What predictions can be made for premiums based on price forecasts?
Moderator: Archie Hunter, Global Copper And Zinc Editor, Fastmarkets MB
David Wilson, Commodity Strategy, Freepoint Commodities
Michael Widmer, Senior Director And Head Of Metals Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
1:00PM Close of conference & LME field trip

After lunch, join us to see the LME Trading Ring in action!

Interested? Email to  

Gather in the Lobby of the Hilton Hotel Bankside at 15:15, to see each LME metal be traded in highly liquid five-minute Ring sessions which are themselves representative of global supply and demand.