December 2014

HOTTER ON METALS: Who are the Reuben Brothers?

Just five years shy of entering the world of London Metal Exchange warehousing ownership, Goldman Sachs has sold the business to former titans of the aluminium industry.

HOTTER ON METALS: The rare copper contrarians speak up

Continued downgrades to the Chinese growth outlook; a market in oversupply; producer currency depreciation and falling costs – it’s easy to make a bear case for copper. Or is it?

REVIEW OF 2014: Fees create storm for LME

For once, warehousing was knocked off the top of the list of gripes against the London Metal Exchange, replaced by the thorny issue of fees.

LORD COPPER: Christmas is coming, and the market's getting flat...

…please put a bonus in the trader’s hat. If they haven’t got a bonus, some volatility would do… otherwise it’s boring, and God Bless You. Lord Copper counts the flat days ahead, and asks what can be done to fill the time.

HOTTER ON METALS: Oil, sanctions sting Russia

In the middle of the night on Monday, Russia’s Central Bank dramatically hiked its key interest rate in an attempt to prop up the value of its currency, the rouble.

HOTTER ON METALS: The FCMs are in trouble

The futures commission merchant (FCM) model is in trouble.

HOTTER ON METALS: Glencore tells the ugly truth about commodities

“Sometimes,” said Glencore CEO Ivan Glasenberg, “it’s not a pretty picture.”