January 2017

HOTTER ON METALS: Wanted, one LME ceo

As attention turns to who will become the next ceo of the London Metal Exchange, a key question arises: does the exchange need a replacement, or does it have the perfect candidate in place?

HOTTER ON METALS: HKEX recognises need for LME change

In the four years since Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing (HKEX) acquired the London Metal Exchange, the metals bourse has gone through two ceos.

HOTTER ON METALS: Judging Garry Jones, outgoing LME ceo

When Garry Jones joined the London Metal Exchange as its ceo in 2013, he entered a market that was facing some of its most daunting challenges to date. He exits the role over three years later and leaves behind an exchange that has experienced two consecutive years of falling volumes and sometimes fractious relations with a number of its core members.

LORD COPPER: Will Garry Jones’ replacement fulfil LME members’ wishes – or those of the shareholders?

All eyes are on the London Metal Exchange after the role of ceo was left vacant on Monday January 23, with member and shareholder expectations for the replacement pointing in different directions.

HOTTER ON METALS: The nuances of LME volumes

It’s been around 20 months since the London Metal Exchange first revealed its intention to deliver more transparency and greater market participation.

LORD COPPER: Alice in Trumpland

Whisked to Trumpland, Alice ponders what the Mad Hatter would make of the president-elect's promises of an infrastructure rebuild and his plans to make America great again by putting up barriers to free trade.

HOTTER ON METALS: More clarity needed in Indonesia's lifting of export ban

The three-year ban on exports of unprocessed ore including nickel from Indonesia appears to be over.

2017 PREVIEW – LORD COPPER: Electric vehicle sector could be the driving force for metals commodities

Metals – or commodities generally – are no longer the pariah class, as funds once again dip their toes into the pool, Lord Copper asserts as he looks to the year ahead with cautious optimism.