April 2017

LORD COPPER: LME’s Chamberlain can steer exchange on middle course

It doesn’t really seem that long ago since the position that has now morphed into ceo of the London Metal Exchange was not much more than a bureaucratic role – it was almost secretarial in ensuring the smooth operation of the instructions given down by the board, at that time made up exclusively of member representatives.

HOTTER ON METALS: Chamberlain’s ceo challenges

Matthew Chamberlain has been appointed as the new ceo of the London Metal Exchange – after just over twelve weeks in the role on an interim basis.

HOTTER ON METALS: Football, fountains and feathers: the latest Arconic-Elliott spat

What do the 2006 Football World Cup, a fountain and an American Indian feather headdress have in common?

HOTTER ON METALS: Arconic, a potential lesson for BHP Billiton

Embroiled for the past few months in a battle to retain his role as ceo and chair of Arconic, Klaus Kleinfeld has stepped down.

LORD COPPER: When the Eurozone sneezes, metals traders catch a cold

Metals traders have to keep a keen eye on politics because of its inseparable relationship with currency; so what are the key political events in the Eurozone?