June 2017

HOTTER ON METALS: Goldilocks and the Noble bears

Commodities trader Noble has been having a tough time of it of late – but could it finally have found its white knight investor?

HOTTER ON METALS: Glencore turns up heat in gamble for Coal & Allied

Glencore isn’t giving up on Coal & Allied Industries.

HOTTER ON METALS: Keeping the edge in a HFT’s world

You might not like them, but get used to them: high frequency traders (HFTs) are here to stay.

LORD COPPER: Autilla... or something else

Business – among other things – get shaken up in ways we may not perhaps have expected when technology shifts radically, which has implications for metals exchanges, Lord Copper points out.

HOTTER ON METALS: Focus on the fees. Please!

Focus on the fees. Please! That was the message to the London Metal Exchange from several of its largest and most active members during a panel discussion in New York this week.

HOTTER ON METALS: NFEx starts courting period for OTC business

The courting period for Non-Ferrous Exchange Markets (NFEx Markets) has begun.